Tarlak - does he still deserve tonics?

I’m working on Tarlak now and got all he needs for final ascension. Not so sure anymore. Although I don’t have any better green right now (Horghall or Margareth) I Wonder if I’d better save my mysteroous tonics for new pulls? Fighting 9* titans mostly and Wu Kong (+10) or Miki at 3/70 do the trick. Would Tarlak add to my roster beyond making my team against blue titans better? My maxed greens are: Kingston, Hatter, Hansel, Buddy, Caedmon, Melendor x 2, Peters, Gadeirus and Litlle John. Better to save the tonics for March HotM or Lianna from TC20 or other Lucky pulls?

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I would say yes. While he’s not unique anymore, he’s still a top-tier hero who can easily replace Wu. He’s a great hero in Wars too


Hm, could free monk emblems for Joon and Wilbur too if I strip Wu!? Thank’s! Glad to hear you think he could be useful in wars too. I don’t think he’d be on my primary 3+2 green stack team in raids though. I use Kingston + Hansel (+18) and Mel (+15) or replace Kingston for Hatter against Aegir tank.

I personally don’t use tarlak much anymore outside of maps and questing, for raiding he never really fit in well for me, vs titans he’s solid but your 3/70 Miki is perfectly fine and likely better… If you want to max, max him, but saving up isn’t a bad option either.

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I want Tarlak in the worst way. I have Ranvir and Miki maxed but Ranvir has his miss and Miki his slow mana. I could use Tarlak for titans of nothing else. I would say is absolutely worth the tonicsz

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Are you a P2P/P2W or F2P/C2P?

If you’re a Paying player, maybe wait. If you get to 10-11 tonics and there is still nobody new, go ahead and ascend him

If you’re a F2P or C2P there is no guarantee that anyone better will ever come along… at least not anytime soon. So go ahead and ascend tarlak.

In terms of comparing Miki & Tarlak etc…:


I spend some money, but I’m not crazy Pay to Win - I have a budget each month and stick to that. Somewhere in between. I think I’m convinced now to give the tonics to Tarlak.

Take it you can complete quests events with out him? If so …I’d maybe wait then, titan scores ain’t everything.

Tarlak is great for more than titans. He helped me complete Atlantis hard. I used Tarlak, Evelyn, Ares, Santa and Anzogh for most stages. Gave me lots of damage potential and also lots of healing/self protection. I also use Tarlak on a 2-2-1 team in war. I usually use 4-1 teams or 3-2 if I’m doing a cleanup but Tarlak adds enough fire power to tiles I think he makes weaker team compositions like 2-2-1 more viable. I use him with another healer like rigard. So the team will be something like Tarlak, Rigard, Hel, Drake, Leonidas. The team has some control elements with manipulating opponents mana, and blinding them with some damage dealing and with a heal over time/instant heal and cleanse. And then tarlak attack buff really makes up for not stacking the colors very heavily. He makes the tile damage very strong. He even makes his own tile damage really strong lol because he starts with over 800 attack stat, when he uses his buff his green tiles will do like 200 damage to blue defenders. That’s sort of a hilarious amount of damage for tiles to do when you only bring one hero of that color.

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