Who to ascend next?!?

Hey everyone,

Im close to having a fully ascended 4* rainbow team.
But now that i finally got the next pair of gloves, i am wondering of giving it to chao would be the smartest move.

This is my current team in defense, which i mostly use for raids and wars as well:
Caedmon 4/70+2
Kiril 4/70+2
Gormek 4/70+3
Sabina 4/70+3
Chao 3/60

So gloves could go to Chao. But I do have some nice other 4*, that could use them:

Boldtusk 3/60
Wu Kong 2/9
Sonya 3/28
Tarlak 2/60
Justice 2/60
Evelyn 1/16
Zimkitha 2/25
Richard 1/1
Wilbur, Gadeirus, scarlett, cyprian 1/1

The only 5* hero i could ascend soonish is green, since i got 3 tonics. But i think its worth maxing more 4* til then.

So not sure where to put my priorities. A maxed chao may help me stay above 1800 cups finally. But wu and boldtusk may be more important for titans and I could even make a better defense team with BT.

Any ideas from more experienced players?

Wukong and Wilbur for titan team.


If I were in you I would try to build the most versatile teams for titans, events and class trials before trying to fall into the “best defense” hellish way of thinking.

I would empower Wu Kong and Wilbur as they are the best 4* heroes for this kind of things, with Boldtusk, Gadeirus, Tarlak and Evelyn following shortly after.


In my honest opinion, the heroes to focus on levelling from your current list would be
Wu Kong
And finish Chao
Good luck

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Wu Kong and Wilbur, once pulled, should be priorities even if you have 5* hero’s…

For titans, Tarlak is arguably better - it’s a toss up whether 3/70 Tarlak beats out maxed Wu (it would for me!)… But you will want them both anyway, so do the faster leveller first, and that’s Wu.

The only 4* hero I’d even consider levelling before your first Wu and first Wilbur is Proteus… And I’d probably still do him third.

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I agree with other posters that your priorities should be on offense, challenges and titans vs defense. As long as you’re able to get up into Platinum to open your raid chest there’s not really an added benefit to staying there full time. Also, if you fill up your raid chest but aren’t in platinum yet, you can wait to claim it until you get there. Rewards are based off of where you are when you open it, not when you completed it.

Wu will really help your titan scores, Wilbur will increase your survivability, and they’re a great pair on both titans and in raids. I’d give Wu the gloves first, but leave chao in your defense.

There are gloves in the completion rewards for Avalon next month, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for more. Good luck!:four_leaf_clover:

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Wilbur, Boldtusk, Wu Kong… just like other said… those 3 are always usefull for long-term .

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Which tier would that be in? Aren’t the rewards gonna be different, or have we already had 15 stages of Avalon?

I couldn’t find the whole chart, but here’s a link to someone who took screenshots

This will be the second time we’ve had the new Avalon event, so unless they made changes gloves should be in both epic and legendary completion rewards.

Edit: found it

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