QOH to flank Boss Wolf Tank?

This morning I was lucky enough to pull QOH on a single spin from tokens. This is my current defence which is working really well :

Question is, if I maxed and emblemed QOH how do you think she would work flanking boss wolf? An ideal situation being boss wolf and QOH both have their SS active, enemy is forced to fire as to dispell counter on QOH causing themself damage (unless they bring a dispeller that doesent cause damage being unlikely)

Thoughts on this theory or just max her for war/raid depth and leave set up as is?

In addition, zeline and drake could also make taking the card minion out too I suppose


tbh my BW works best flanked with Fast and Fast


+1 on Ender’s response.

Boss wolf being very slow is naturally suited to just soaking up tiles. Best scenario is to have a more squishy sniper sheltered by him to start hitting the baddies

So keep the current set up?

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Try some stuff :slight_smile: see what works!

One thing for sure is that there is a) no perfect defence and b) no single way of playing

Everyone plays differently and everyone has different styles and goals. These are our opinions to point you in a direction. you find what works for you :smiley:

I agree with that for sure! I guess I was just seing what people thought of how the synergy between BW and QOH would work. Maybe for wars with field aid

QoH works great only with Aegir tank. She’s protected more than any other line-up, therefore she will survive more and protects her allies as well. If someday you’ll get Aegir, just give it a try :slight_smile:

P.S. Besides, a red flank is recommended for blue tanks, not purple, for obvious reasons.

I don’t see any improvement switching Grave for QoH.

Just leave like that.

I’d switch them to Magni, Zeline, BW, Drake, GM. Zeline and Drake are the best flanking heroes in the game IMO because of their debuffs and dispel. Magni and GM are not as effective at harassing the attackers as those two so they should be relegated to the wings.

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I do have aegir tier 14 bud , pity they are both paladins but I see what u mean how they would pair well.

Thanks bud, I have run that setup before which worked well, just dislike putting magni on the wing due to wasting 1/3 of his defence boost

Cheers bud , always appreciate ya input:)