Not sold on tarlak yet

So i pulled tarlak a few months ago and was stoked cuz people on the forums really like him for titans and will replace wu kong with him

Currently i only have him at a 3-70 one tonic away but my titan hits have been awful with him.

I know his tile damage aint high Currently but all the other heros i use on titans have been the same.

I dont want to max him if my titan hits r gonna be meh

My question is… is he actually better then wu kong?

If you don’t like him, I will have him :wink:


Here’s my experience with Tarlak. With titans I usually always use small mana pots to charge him up strategically. My hits with him are far more consistently good where Wu can be hit or miss. With Wu I might go 12k, 25k, then 50k but with Tarlak I might go 30k, 34k, 38k.
I also use him everywhere. He’s in my green stack, I used him to finish Atlantis hard and I use him in challenge events. He’s very squishy even at 4.80 tho.


I don’t like Wu.
Tarlak doe’s less damage, but paired with BT or Kiril you can have some decent tiles scores, and no missed tiles.
If you add Wilbur, then …:grin:
Have fun.


If we could trade im desperate for a 5* red haha

With wu I average 25k to 35k with the occasional 60k+ but with tarlak ive been getting like 18k.

Maybe im just getting bad boards i dunno. In the last 3 titans only once did i hit 30k with him

I wish i had bold tusk or wilbur but the game doesnt want to give me any good red heros

I got him and Ranvir both at the same time along with Wilbur and have them both at the same level. I switch them out based on titan color and my scores average about the same between the two. I have been using Wilbur + Tarlak/Ranvir + 3 strong color. I went from scoring on the lower end to A+/A on every titan.

I prefer Tarlak to Ranvir for events because I rely on Proteus and the misses are a big problem.

Ranvir is also causing me problems on raids where I’ll fire a three specials at once and miss half the targets.

I like using Tarlak on a mono team where if he fires I can kill neutral enemies with 3 or 4 tiles and take about half the life from red.


Yeah when it comes to tarlak i prob wouldnt raid with him. I already got greens i like to use. He would be for titans and back up war teams

Well I have a lovely Azlar, barely used, on special! (Marjana will look better wearing rings I think!) thanks for taking that in good humour :+1:


There’s something to be said about consistency. You may not land that 100k+ hit with tar right now, like you might with Wu… but you’ll get solid scores. And that’s better in the long run than that one crazy Wu hit.


I think i got my answer. Shrikewood just dropped so i could ascend tarlak but i dont feel very excited. I think i will hold off.

My alliance is hitting 7* so eventually i might want someone sturdier but wu works for now and also i would like to try him with boldtusk whenever the game decides to give him to me lol

Thanks for all the input everyone

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Ha! I’m having exactly the same issue with Tarlak. He’s squishy, his buff is quite underwhelming and his hot feels time consuming.

I definitely prefer Ranvir over him, consistently average higher scores with horse guy. Purple titans a given of course but every other colour as well except for maybe blue and yellow rares.

Did however bring Tarlak along raiding for the first time the other day - by mistake, meant to pick Hansel but got the wrong guy. Tarlak wasn’t actually that bad in a 3-2 (only used him in mono before during war).

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Lol that makes me feel better. I used him in the last war and he did surprise me there. Turned my meh green team into something usable

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How about giving an example titan team?? I use Tarlak fighting green and blue titans and usually average 40-50k per hit…fighting 10-11*. Gotta have the right synergy of defense down and attack up.

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He’s letting me land 75k+ hits against 10*+ Blue Titans without Eve. My max with Wu was 50k

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@Wolf9, so what are you saying? You LOVE Wu? I mean really who doesn’t. You probably have a roster full of Wu’s by now!!! :joy::joy::joy:


I would have a fat Ranvir.:grin:
Have fun.
Has Wilbur lived up to your expectations?
At 3/65 & 8/8 he and Boldy made Shrikewood like a walk in the park for me. :star_struck: .

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I could be sold on Tarlak given the chance (hint hint Atlantis portal)


Wilbur has been great on titans and Wilbur + Proteus has made every event fairly easy for me with a 4* team.


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