Tarlak or Ranvir against purple titans?

Clearly, Tarlak is the better of the two! But, does Ranvir’s elemental link (defence against purple) make him a better option against purple tanks?

Edit: I meant Titan not Tank. Apologies.

If we talking about raiding, i don’t see why you have to go out of your way and pick Tarlak.
I mean, his skill is amazing on titans, but raids? Bof, so and so.

So against a purple tank i surely pick Ranvir over Tarlak if i have to choose. Strong color and special damage is better.

That said, if you have other yellows, my best triple stack against a purple would probably be Jackal-Joon-Delilah.

I don’t like miss tiles in raids.


My bad… I meant ‘Titan’, not Tank!

Purple titan is the only one that still make sense to bring Wu/Ranvir instead of Tarlak for color purposes.

You probably need to use more items to be sure the titan doesn’t kill your heroes, but if you want to optimize the damage ratio Ranvir (or Wu) is the way to go.

Thanks, I guess that’s gonna be the same story with miki next month then! Looks like we’re gonna have a special hero for each Titan soon.

Tarlak and forever Tarlak.

Maybe against purple titans would Ranvir be viable.

If you have Tarlak, just go with Tarlak against all titans as long as you stack correctly against the titans weak color. Even against a red titan, using 1-3-1 or 4 blue + Tarlak, the lack of misses will more than make up for the green being weak against red.

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