Ranvir or Tarlak?

Sounds like a no brainer, I know, but: tonics are hard to come by and if Kingston stay the way he is/was in beta, well…

I have mats for both. Don’t have Wu. Had decided to leave Ranvir at 3.70 and max Tarlak, but now I’m getting tonic anxiety. Would I regret maxing Ranvir?

Tarlak is a good call.


But would you max him over Kingston? I know it’s three months away and that I might not get him… but the 4* mats really take ages. On the other hand, with Tarlak I might get more of those easier.

Provided I max Tarlak, would it still make sense maxing Ranvir? Have Viv, Inari, Leo, Justice in various stages of leveling. Maxed 5* healer in Kunchen, yellow sniper in Poseidon.

A) You have Tarlak
B) You don’t have Kingston
C) You have NO idea what form Kingston will be released in.

Yes, I am in the same situation and everyone seem to agree Tarlak is the right way to go.


Very true and you have eased my mind. Thanks!!

Good hunting :)…

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And to you :)!

20 dead titans

if you like Tarlak than Ranvir because of no chance to miss then wait for next HOTM , Miki is tarlak in blue with slow mana , but Slow is not matter for titan , mostly we use mana potion

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Yeah I saw Miki, but he’s actually one HoTM I won’t be actively trying for… as I already have Tarlak :). Also just pulled Athena so scopes are hers. Busy days!

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Miki is also a slow hero in his current form. Whereas Tarlak is average. And Ranvir is fast but he also gives that chance to miss. So I go with Tarlak.

Having both Ranvir and Tarlak maxed would be advantageous eventually. You can swap them depending on the titan color, which can be specially nice against a rare titan.

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:+1:t2: awesome information

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If you’re battling titans that are 10 star and below and want to max ranvir and save tonics, go for it. If you are battling 10 star and higher, I think misses hurt to much and tarlak is more needed in that situation. I have both maxed and use both quite a bit (battling 9 and 10s)

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Thanks! It’s 10 or 11* here… and yes there’s a general survivability issue :>.

(But I just managed a 80k+ hit using 3.70 Ranvir on a purple 10*! Leaning towards doing them both)

Ranvir can really help out the tile damage, my biggest hits come from him for sure. Both are solid in raids as well (once you get the hang of ranvir and when to fire him), I don’t regret maxing both, but obviously depends on where you’re at with other heroes and team needs and such.


I’m forcing myself to finish off some 4* healers before I tend to these two gentlemen; but they’re 3.70 and 3.50, it’ll be quick.

Many thanks for all the good advice!

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Slow / Average / Fast is not really important in Titan (use Mana Potion) , not really like Randomness , Tarlak is my man. Tarlak + Dragon Banner = close to Ranvir or Wu without chance to miss

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