Tarlak or Ranvir?

I have both at max. Which is the better choice for titans (especially 10/11*)? I’ve used them both. Generally with Ranvir I get either really good damage or really poor damage. Tarlak produces moderate damage most of the time. What pros and cons of the 2 am I missing?

No miss chance, so consistent damage
Stacks with most other attack buffs
Average mana
3 round buff duration is a bit low
doesn’t affect specials

Very high damage boost
Fast speed
Special also does damage
Affects special skills
5 rounds of buff
Miss chance
Affects specials

I have really good heroes to fill out the team (over 30 maxed 5* to choose from). I’m just really on the fence about which titan buffer to go with.

I saw a guy asked the same thing before.

And another , so I’ll just link you one thread
Hope this helpsCheck this out


I saw that post, as well as several others. That post is mainly focused on whether or not to ascend Tarlak, and does little to discuss his merits vs Ranvir.

I am hoping to get feedback from some other players who have both heroes and have a more definite opinion.

His buff duration is 4 turns.

And yes, I prefer Tarlak because of his consistency. And also, my alliance does not fight high level titans, currently 8*, so I don’t use Ranvir that much.

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I don’t have Ranvir levelled yet, but he’s a bigger Wu. It would depend on the Titan’s color though. I would say Ranvir against against Purple and Red, Tarlak against all others. That’s what I’m doing with Wu and Tarlak, at least. Won’t change once Ranvir replaces Wu

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And no missed stuns. It really hurts when you send 4 tiles to the titan’s weak spot and you don’t stun him because of 2 missed tiles.

Irrelevant when fighting titans. No special skill can do a significant damage to titan, with buff or without.

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