Ranvir question

I have Tarlak maxed and pulled Miki recently. If I max Miki, is it worth leveling Ranvir for titans? I’m stocked w better yellow 5*s for war already, so I’m just wondering about titans.

tarlak and mikki will do the titan job!
Jist focus on other yellow then.
Youll end up using ranvir only for purple titans…
Mikki is great for titans
… tarlak for blue and green titans

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@Halifax I’m in same situation, have all three.
Regret giving emblems to tarlak.
Glad I only took ranvir to 3/70.

Plan was to camp Miki at 3/70 but he’s much better than expected, not just by me but alliance members and others.
I’m seriously considering maxing him, I think he will be as good as ranvir vs dark titans.
Hoping he will be serviceable in pvp wars.


I have Ranvir maxed and Tarlak at 3-70 and Miki at 3-70. We are fighting 7* and 8* titans so i think I’m not in the position to answer your question but i can share my experiences / feelings so far.

Using Miki cerainly feels better because of no misses. Recently i got 160k on a red titan with Miki, Frida, Grimm, Kiril and Triton. I got lucky and got many blue tiles. In similar situations where i used Ranvir i got like around 90 k never more so far. So right now i’m using Ranvir on purple and green titans (but i’m already thinking about trying with Miki there as well.)

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I have ranvir and tarlak maxed and miki at 3/70 … it may shock some, but miki is my least favorite titan hero (opinion always subject to change) as I feel he’s just too specific to titans… tarlak is solid in raids, as is ranvir … miki I just can’t get along with there. Miki is the better overall titan hero I’d say, especially when using items, but if you’re using items… it’s likely you aren’t concerned about keeping him alive… that’s why my miki will most likely stay at 3/70 for now, just not enough versatility for me, especially when I can top out just as high on titans with the other 2 (outside of red).

That didn’t answer your question though… haha. I’d say if you plan to max miki, you can leave ranvir behind. You’ll be just fine without him.

Thanks. Maxed Tarlak doesn’t make my main Green mono team, but he’s on my B team. None of these heroes are likely to be used by me in raids or war or tournaments - unless I’m just goofing around. So yeah, I’ve pushed Rav to the bench, and am working on Miki.

Thanks everyone for their input.

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