New(ish) player - Please help assembling a viable 4* defence team

Greedings to all! I’ ve been playing for about 2,5 months now and I have come to a point that I can’t decide how to build my defence team. If anyone can help me decide the best team I can form using my heroes, I would be gratefull. I will list the more advanced heroes I’ve got. There are others too, but they are very low (tier 1 and 2). Thanks in advance for all your answers!

Purple: Rigard (3.50), Tiburtus (3.60)
Yellow: Li Xiu (3.60), Chao (3.23)
Blue: Kirin (4.16), Sonya (3.20), Grimm (3.60)
Green: Kashhrek (3.60), Caedmon (3.26)
Red: Scarlett (3.60), Boldtusk (3.30)

I have the mats to ascend 1 purple and one red.

I was thinking something like: Sonya-Rigard-Kashhrek-Boldtusk-Li Xiu.
But 3 healers isn’t it too much?
I have several other 4* but they are tier 1 or 2.
Thanks again for your replies!

Your proposed team would work. Would add more attack tho.

Maybe Sonya - Rigard - Kashhrek - Li - Scarlett


Caedmon - Kiril - Rigard - Li - Scarlett

I would run team 2

Good luck!

You’re right, the team you proposed is way too healer heavy and doesn’t dish out nearly enough damage.

Kashhrek is probably the tankiest out of your heroes and does make for a good tank; however looking at what you have, it’s hard not to double up on colors if using him as tank. Boldtusk is the next tankiest, and is a longtime favorite, so he can definitely be doing tank duty. Of the heroes you have, only Sonya, Chao, Caedmon, and Scarlett are fast, so your options for the outer two wings are a bit limited. I really dislike average speed heroes on wing unless they have a game changing special, and on flank means they can fire more often on average.

With those points in mind, I have two proposals: (assuming you level them all to 3/60 at some point):

  1. Caedmon-Tiburtus-Boldtusk-Li Xiu-Sonya
  2. Sonya-Tiburtus-Kashhrek-Li Xiu-Scarlett

1 has two dispellers which is a bit redundant, but on the plus side, if the defense works as intended, then BT gives an atk buff to all first, which makes Tiburtus hit that much harder. Now with a 34% def down on 2 or 3 of the attacker’s heroes coupled with a 48% atk buff, Li Xiu’s 150% damage becomes more like 300% while also doing a mana cut. The attacker should be hurting pretty badly at this point, and if they can’t either heal or get rid of BT’s attack buff, it’s game over for them.

2 has a dispeller in Sonya and an attack down in Scarlett, so there’s more utility. Kashhrek IMO is less dangerous than BT, but at your level, there are few good options for dealing with him other than stacking red and hoping for a good board. Because if he goes off, that 94% defense against red will absolutely wreck the attacking team. Then your other 4 hitters can just pick them off one by one.

I like 2 a bit less actually because of how squishy Scarlett is. When I build a defense I like my heroes to have roughly the same durability (the tank needs extra durability of course), so none of them are particularly prone to dying prematurely, or can be used as a punching bag to dump tiles into. So for that reason I’m more in favor of option 1. But once you have all of them leveled to 3/60, do give both a try and see which works better for you.

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Thank you for your replies! I can fully ascend 1 purple, 1 red and after the next rare quest 1 green (I need one more shield), but I am very far for ascending yellow heroes (I have only one orb).

first purple is Rigard. That’s a no brainer. He will be important as long as you will keep playing the game.

red: Usually I would prefer BT, but as you already are going to ascend Rigard, maybe better to go with Scarlett. One of the hardest 4* hitters and also definately one of the better S1 heroes!

you can trial and error… with 3 heavy healer as a tank and flank with 2 sniper etc.

i’ll go with Sonya-Rigard-Kashrek-Li-Scarlett


Thanks! I was thinking the same!

If you’re going to run two heals… I wouldn’t put them next to each other.

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This is the problem. Rigard are BT are the best choices you have in red and purple, in the abstract, but if you are primarily concerned about defense, they won’t work well together there. Let me suggest that raid defense is a very minor concern unless you are just hanging on to the next tier up, so this might be a good time to just make the best choice, promote Rigard and Boldtusk, and let the chips fall where they may on raid defense.

I am around 1300 cups. But I get raided a lot by players with team power 3200-3600. My current setup ( I also use it for wars) is : Kage (2.50) - Kirin (4.16) - Kashhrek (3.60) - Scarlett (4.13) - Joon (2.40)
Like most inexperienced players, I wasted a lot of resourses on the shiny 5*, instead of leveling the 4*. I stopped leveling Kage and Joon and now that I have the 4* at or close to 3.60, I decided to change my defence team.

I made a similar mistake early on and levelled up my magni too early. But i agree with most of the advise here. Kashrekk and boldtusk make really good tanks early on.

But rest assured, when the time comes when you have enough mats, kage and joon are really good 5* heroes and levelling them up will elevate you to the next level. Congrats!! And enjoy the game!!

I agree with this statement. Early on, having too good a defense team could be bad. As you might “lose less” raid trophies and end up having to fight tougher teams.

Help with how to pick teams for battle

Look at @Lexxtarc post. I think he said it best. As a new player, focus on building from the bottom up. Buildup a base of 3* heros that you can compete with. This will help you to get materials to then focus on building up a solid set of 4* heros to battle with. That will help you to get what you need to start build 5* heros. IMO

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To e-man:
Thank you! I am enjoying a bit to much I think! The other interesting 4* like Kelile, Falcon, Gormek, Cyprian, Sabina, Jackal, Boril etc, are all tier 1 or tier 2. (I was stuck with scarlett for a while cause of the blades and I couldn’t ascend her. The same goes for everyone that he is at 3.60.
Thats why I have so many partial leveled heroes

Thanks for the answer. I have several 3* maxed:
Blue : Valen, Nordri (Gunnar at tier 3.)
Yellow: Kvasir, Bane
Purple: Balthazar, Bjorn
Red: Namahage, (Azar and Hawkmoon at tier 3)
Green: Belith (Mnessus tier 3)

It seems that i cannot post for 45 minutes after my last one? It says that I am replying too quickly! How it is possible? Maybe I’m doing something wrong?