Need advice on team building :-)

I am a C2P and take part in all aspects of this game (raid, AW, titan, map). I would like your advice on my team.

1. Line up for defense
2. Line up for future defense
3. Ascending order

Current defense

Boldtusk 4.70+5, Onatel 3.70, Kunchen 3.70, Sonya 4.70+5, Caedmon 4.70+7


Purple: Kunchen 3.70, Obakan 2.60, Sabina 3.60, Ameonna 1.1
Yellow: Onatel 3.70, Chao 3.60, Li Xiu 3.60, Hu Tao 3.60
Blue: Sonya 4.70+5, Boril 3.60, Sonya 1.1
Green: Lianna 2.53, Caedmon 4.70+7, Kashhrek 3.60
Red: Azlar 1.1, Boldtusk 4.70+5, Colen 3.60, Kelile 3.60, Boldtusk 3.14, Scarlett 3.1, Sumitomo 1.1

3* AM available, but still missing some 4* AM

Lianna and Azlar were recent aquisitions from TC20

Currently my red feeders go to Scarlett, all other feeders to Lianna

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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Any thoughts? Since I am new on this forum, please let me know if there is somethin you are missing.

Thank you.

Hmm. Nothing really springs into my eye for the defense team. Azlar, Kashhrek, Kunchen and Boril are good tank options, but you can’t put all of them in the middle position.
I think Chao-Kunchen-Boril-Boldtusk-Caedmon could work.

For ascending order Kunchen and Ontel are good if you have the 4* mats. Otherwise ascend Sabina and Chao first. Lianna and Boril don’t have any competition for the mats. For the red heroes maybe Scarlett or Azlar.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!

At this very moment, I would switch your def team to be more like this:

Caedmon | Sonya | Boldtusk | Kunchen | Onatel

But long term, I agree with Rapisu. You should ascend either your two 5 star heroes if you have the mats, if not then Sabina and Chao will be more immediately helpful.

And immediate help is what you want first, as that’s what will help you get those ascension items from the Rare quests, the class tokens from the Class quests, as well as filling that raid chest and titan chest faster.

Thank you for your ideas! It seems strange to me that neither you nor Rapisu consider Kunchen as tank for my defence. Even at 3.70 he has decent stats and his abilities (42% heal, -34% defence down and +46% defence against holy) appear to be perfect for a tank.

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You should stay in platinum with:

Sonya - Boldtusk - Kunchen - Onatel - Caedmon

Use the defense debuff of Kunchen to do your damage. Might still be on when Boldtusk gets his attack buff up. You’ll win with auto attacks. Onatel and your front 3 in general will definitely stall any low to mid platinum team. 2 dispellers will keep them from buffing up. You want fast in the corners anyway.

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Fast on the corners sounds good. Thanks!

I feel silly even asking this question, but what do those numbers stand for? (ie. Scarlett 3.1)

@Liviya look at this screenshot:

So, ie.: Scarlett 3.1 means Tier 3 Level 1.

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Boldtusk 4.70+5
4 - tier
70 - level
+5 emblems level


Thank you for this!!!

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