Tanks, Flanks & Sides

I have read much on here about Tanks, Flanks and Sides and find it fascinating, but I really have no idea which of my heroes are best as tanks, flanks or sides.

My maxed 4* heroes are:

Red - Wilbur/Kelile
Blue - Grimm/Kiril
Green - Melandor
Purple - Proteus

I have a large number of other 4/5* heroes, which are yet to be maxed

Red - Gormek 3/60, Scarkett 3/60, Colen 3/60, Sumitomo 3/60
Blue - Perseus 2/60, Magni 2/60, Sonya 3/60,
Green - Kingston 3/54, Skittleskull 3/60, Margaret 2/60, Caedemon 3/60
Purple - Seshat 3/70, Cyprian 3/60, Rigard 3/60
Yellow - Poseiden 3/70, Ranvir 2/60, Wu Kong 3/60, Leonidas 2/60, Chao 3/60

I would be very grateful if you could help me identify the best tanks, flanks and sides in my available heroes. I tend to use Grimm or Poseiden as tanks, and always put Melandor or Kiril on a side, but I really dont know which is best suited to different positions. Grateful for any views…

Here’s something I wrote up previously about the positioning:

For you i might lean towards:
Kingston, Wilbur, Kiril, Seshat, Posiedon

  • Kingston, Seshat & Poseidon are all great damage outputters. All fast snipers. Obviously would be better if they were 4/80 but workable at 3/70 considering the options.
  • Kiril is probably the most “tanky” of the heroes you have maxed/ ascended to 3 or 4-70. I’d give him some emblems too to make him better!
  • Wilbur is a great support hero. Can be swapped with Kelile if you want another damager on the defence squad.

These are positioning guides I have created:

I wouldn’t use a 3-70 Poseidon as a tank, he’s not ready for that.
Grimm could be a tank, but Kiril as @Guvnor mentioned, (and even Wilbur) are better at that position.


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