Tank? Which Five Star

So I’ve been playing about 9 months. Sure do love my baby, E&P.

I have a ton of good cards, enjoy leveling 3 stars for the Rare level events and a bunch of great fours, no problems figuring out which of those to level thanks to everyone’s suggestions on these forums.

It’s the five’s I’m stuck on. They’re all good. But who should I work on first? I’m interested in having a 5 star tank, currently using the amazing Kashhrek :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Here’s a list of my 18 five stars in order of power. None are completely leveled but I have a ton of mats. Besides tank options, your favorite 5 stars to play with are also helpful. Thanks in advance!

Master Lepus


Also we are a casual alliance, we don’t have war rules or any have to have this color team/tank. Which is nice. Just too many awesome options to level.

Hmm, great selection of 5s! Slightly envious. :wink:

I use Aegir, and he’s great because of the high HP, def, and spirit link. With proper companions, he’ll do wonderfully.

Is there a better one? I think it’s possible; you have heroes I don’t have. My suggestions would be Guin or Kunchen first, possibly Santa. Vivica is too slow, and my purples kill her fast. Quintus is ok but not great, as is Joon- great specials, and I tend to reroll if he’s on tank, but if he’s got yellow or blue beside him I’ll take him on.

Santa is slow, but has such good specials that I’d put him as 3rd. Again, I tend to reroll, but have good blues who also could take him down with good blue tiles.

My choice would be Zim-Marg-Guin-Frida-Sartana, I think.


I like Aegir over Guin right now 1 v 1 because so many teams are built to counter Guin.

But, given your selection of heroes the above Guin ranked team is best.


I might suggest forgoing pure rainbow and putting in Kunchen for Margaret.

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Guinevere is a really popular tank. Although, because of that, a lot of players went out of their way to have good heroes that counter her really well. Kunchen is a good tank, but I dislike his slow mana… I am thinking about using him myself though. I don’t have Aegir, but I wish I did. I think I’d go for Aegir. Great hero and you don’t see a lot of blue tanks, so a lot of people might not have a good counter team for him.

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If the Aegir tank is still 3/70 in 3500 TP defense, I can take that team with my attack team which have 3300 TP and no green. I have to use 3 purple against Guin and hope for not bad board…

I really don’t understand why Aegir is a great tank, he would shine in mono blue attack team though or in the last tournament.

If Aegir is accompanied by 4 snipers, Margaret will be the counter.

Nature heroes also have too many dispeller: Zeline, Evelyn, Caedmon, Melendor.

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Really great ideas and advice so far everyone, thanks! I look forward to reading more of these and many of you are already confirming hunches I had or snippets I had heard.

Red: Santa seems to be the clear winner since I have no GM or Ares. I’ve also read on the forum how many like Mitsuko over ZimKitty. Santa will get fed over Mitsy now.

Blue: I’ve had trouble against Aegir’s since they buffed him up and am SO glad I kept two from October HOTM. I’ve heard a lot of good things in Frida so I’ve been feeding all my blues to her. Maybe I should switch and finish old man Aegir?

Green: Not the best tank but I would like to figure a good green 5 to level for general play, raids and wars. Margaret or Elk…hmmmm…decisions…

Yellow: Love me my Viv. She already got all the mats as she was my first five star. But I’m honestly more excited about feeding my 4 star Gretel these days than her. Mana control is sick!

Purple: Yea, Quintus my 2nd five star ever will probably sit at 3.70 for just about ever. Stoked about my Kunchen. And then there’s Sartana and Domita after that I think. Quintus is never getting those last mats. Sorry, Castle of Dr. Brain mad scientist; really love your look though. :slight_smile:

Yellow = guin
Purple = kunchen
Blue = aegir
Red = santa.

That’s all xcellent tank

For first pick, i suggest to pick guin. You will never go wrong with guin.

Kunchen and aegir also good candidate. Depends on what u need and what your alliance need as tank for war

4 tank i mentioned above are xcellent


Great choices to choose from:


The rest are at least a class below the above 3 so I wont name any more than that.


Guin Kunchen or Aegir.

Each of them is different so decision depends on who are your other heroes to use for defense.

Guin is great at tank but useless everywhere else. Kunchen and Aegir are more versatile. I’d probably go Kunchen with Aegir on flank.

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Green: Margaret sucks (weak defense), Elkanen sucks even more (weak everything) :smile:

ROFL…oh green heros! I’m still excited though. Better than my Skittleskull!

Clearly you have several tank options. I would look at my supporting heros to see who I can build a better team around.

I have a good head start on Aegir and Kunchen already. I’m going to concentrate on them right now and slowly build up that Guin. Santa will for sure be the next red I work on. Thanks guys!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My defense will soon be strong!

All those suggestions are pretty usual. Maybe try sth unusual like

Zimi Guin Margie Aegir Sartana


Kuni Margie Frida Guin Zimi

Blue is the new yellow and green the new red :wink:

Triple tank - high rank :nerd_face:

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If you don’t understand about Aegir you’re not playing high diamond enough. Since the buff he’s top 2 or 3 tanks, no question. I switched my defence from an Ares+5 tank based one to a setup tanked by Aegir 4:70 overnight just for fun and went 4 wins 2 losses. That’s solid.

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Oh eventually I will! It just takes soooooo long to level 5’s. None of my fives are leveled bc I haven’t had the patience! :rofl: Gonna try to go for it now. Right now I defend with mostly fours. So, this will be a nice upgrade…eventually…

@Halifax - That’s SUPER solid! :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:

Success in this game is nearly entirely dependent upon patience. I set goals like - Have Santa leveled by Easter or Poseidon by the Summer seasonal event. I work on 2 5s and a 4 and a 3* now that Raid Tourney’s make them required again. The fifth hero I work on is my “old timer” - usually finishing off one of my mostly leveled guys that I moved on from when they were “good enough” a few months back. That helps strengthen my current team.

I find this combo gives me enough sense of progress to stay interesting while still growing my teams power efficiently


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