5 star team feed back

I currently have Alberich (4-80) Isarnia (4-80) Joon (4-80) Domitia (4-72) Khagan (4-71) and am working towards full leveling for the last 2 before working towards anything else.
In back up I have the following Aegir, Onatel, Zeline, Gravemaker, Quintus, Ranvir, Elkaanen. Should I work on any of these to swap out the first ? The first team was my first 5 stars for each colour so I just kind of ran with them and not swapped any out.
I also have duplicates of Quintus, Ranvir, Khagan, Isarnia and Joon . I have always run with a full colour team however am not opposed to looking at duplicates if necessary.

Thanks everyone in advance, I look forward to your input.

Alberich, Gravemaker, Aegir, Zeline, Joon would be what I went for.


Sounds awesome. I hate Aegir as tank, Alberich is quite cool and GM is badass, too.

hate Aegir to use or go against ?
Just set up as suggested and will start working towards full levels for this.
Still open to other suggestions to thought and thanks so far

Alby and Joon are very nice, remainder are solid. Gravemaker would be a priority, along with Zeline and Aegir

@Rduke77 has suggested a very nice defense. If this is your first rainbow five star lineup you might want to drop back to four star depth for a while as those 4* materials could take awhile to accumulate

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