Azlar to ring or not

I’m in the 2600 cup range. I’m 10-11 deep in each color. My alliance regularly takes down 7* titians and an occasional 8. I’ve sat on Azlar for ever due to his slowness until I ran out of red hero’s to raise and repeatedly getting beat by him in the rushes. He is 3-30 and I have the toys for the forth chevron.
my red bench is:
BT’s+20&18, Zim+6, Scarlet+20, Marijana+3, Anzogh4-80, Mitsuko4-80, Wilber+20, Khagan4-80, Gormeck+9, Colen+7, Sumitomo4-70,

I have Mitsu just sitting.

Looking for suggestions, give the lion the forth chevron or wait for something better red?

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̷I̷ ̷t̷h̷i̷n̷k̷ ̷w̷i̷t̷h̷ ̷t̷h̷e̷ ̷n̷e̷w̷ ̷h̷e̷r̷o̷e̷s̷ ̷l̷i̷k̷e̷ ̷V̷e̷l̷a̷ ̷&̷ ̷F̷e̷n̷r̷i̷r̷ ̷r̷e̷c̷e̷n̷t̷l̷y̷ ̷r̷e̷l̷e̷a̷s̷e̷d̷ ̷I̷ ̷w̷o̷u̷l̷d̷ ̷l̷e̷a̷n̷ ̷t̷o̷w̷a̷r̷d̷ ̷M̷i̷t̷s̷u̷

Sorry just saw you already had one maxed.
Then yes I would go Azlar.

I’ve heard from many people that Azlar is underrated, and that his special can win matches. That said, my advice is to wait. You already have a fine red bench, and Az won’t add much to it. Being able to bring up the next shiny red right away is worth being patient.

Good luck!

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Wilbur-Zim-Az for a center of red fiery death against titans. Do it and listen to them squeal.

Slow mana on a squishy hero is a problem - it puts a real question mark over whether that hero will fire or not.

The real problem with Azlar is that there are average mana hero’s that do his thing (AoE damage) almost as well as him (Anzogh) or better than him (G.Kong)… Neither does the burn, but you’ll rarely see the full impact of that anyway.

Do you have other reds to consider?

If not, I’d wait until you do - you’ve already got much better options…

Viv, Az and Isa are very nice slow vanillas. I’ve all maxed. My only other maxed S1 5* is Joon. Az and Joon are part of every stack of 3 or more for their colors. Az is an excellent finisher and on rushs he’s the real Gravemaker.


With gm not way far away; i think i would wait

Sure chances are slim and odds are bad but i prefer to be safe than have some regret and have to look at a 3/70 gm every day while i use a 4/80 azlar but that’s just me


Azlar is definitely worth leveling up.

I use him on green tanks paired with Wilbur, Presaudaz and Falcon.

If you can get to fire his special, you’ll pretty much own the battle.

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Considering who you have, I would recommend ascending Azlar for the high tile damage on titans.

That being said, it’s the only reason to so. He’s one of the most fragile heroes in the game…even with emblems.

BTW, I have Azlar 4/80 (+19) currently and I still don’t use him that much.

Azlar is being hugely underrated on this thread. I suspect by several people who havent used him.

  1. Azlar is still the top damage per special skill being used hero in the game.

  2. especially with emblems, but otherwise with the right heroes being used with Azlar, he is not squishy on offense. he is never the first hero to die when I use him.

  3. his tile damage is awesome on titans but also raids

  4. slow is a mitigatable characteristic that can be addressed with troops and other heroes - I stack azlar with lancelot and grazul against 4400ish team power defense teams quite often. I stack him with Wilbur in alliance wars for wrecking ball carnage.

  5. in the rush attack 5* tournies, this beast is a beast

  6. when he finally gets an impossible to get costume, he could become as desirable as costume vivica or costume isarnia- no gaurantee but certainly a possibility.

All that said, I am very happy with him. It doesn’t look like you need him but he wouldn’t be a waste of your resources either. Max him or wait, it’s a win win for you. I dont think you lose by maxing him or waiting- that’s for sure.


I was going to say all of this but you said it for me.


I disagree…

His tile damage is good but that’s about the only reason to ascend him over G.Kong or Anzogh - and OP already has Anzogh (it’s also not the best argument for him, in that he’s not the top red for tile damage either - Elena has him beat even without costume bonus).

It’s not that he’s bad as such, but that much better heros exist to fill his niche and the OP doesn’t need to be in any rush with his bench.

G.Kong especially is sturdier, hits harder upfront at faster mana and the difference in tiles is insignificant… okay, OP doesn’t have GK, but he does already have a useful selection of good reds and I just don’t see where Azlar would get any playtime except for rush tournaments.

I wouldn’t ascend him assuming there will be a costume - there might not… And you wouldn’t want to be in a position to ascend him assuming you’ll get it and then feeling compelled to pull hard for it.

I’m typically an advocate for using what you have, but the rules change a bit with deeper benches - when ascensions become a bit more of a luxury because bases are already covered.

I’ll be honest, I just don’t see the point in OP’s bench… Okay hero, just not necessary here.

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Just to qualify your rebuttal:

  1. have you maxed an Azlar?

  2. have you used him lately?

3.70… and nope - I maxed Kong, he’s simply the better hero, it’s not particularly close either.

so you’re supporting my theory that those who are discouraging the use of him havent used him. That’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. But come on…

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Some hero’s are just better than others, which is fine - I have a better hero and so guess who gets used?

With OP’s existing bench, it looks like it’d be a waste of rings to me.

my position is that its win win either way. if op wants to drop a few hundred to get gravemaker in may, then yeah, go for gm.

otherwise, azlar is king of rush tournaments, and the emblems from those loot rewards might be small but they add up over time and they are beautiful.

Not necessarily even just GM… Depends what might come your way in other events too (BK, QoH, PiB all easily have more value) or future S3.

If there’s 10-12 rings sitting around then maybe.

It just seems very niche for a hero that probably won’t see emblems (too niche) and is only special on the rare occasions that rush 5* comes up (and even then preferably without green excluded or there’s no punishment to blue stacks against your defence and plenty blue waiting when you attack)…

I will add here these points;

  1. I am maxing my Azlar. But then again I don’t have a lot to choose from. I have no non-S1 5* red. So it was Azlar or Khagan.
  2. I have faced Azlar in raids and if he gets to fire he is deadly. Not a worry on wing, he seems better suited as a flank. This is in the 2300-2500 cup range.
  3. If I had GM or JF or Anzogh or Grazul … (heck even Santa) they would have gotten the rings first.

I haven’t used him much yet, he’s at 4-50 or thereabouts. Being slow he is a departure from my usual raid teams of fast snipers and healers. With him and Isarnia maxed now I plan on developing an alternate playing style based around delay and survival mode. Gotta expand the horizons of my skill set.


well bubbles, I disagree with you and you disagree with me- we are at a stalemate. the only difference is I have a maxed azlar and the experience using him to speak from. :slightly_smiling_face:

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