What defense would you setup with these heroes?

Hi guys, I’m hoping you can give me guidance. I seem to do alright in raiding offense, but I can’t seem to set up my defense properly. I’ve been playing for two years, so I have some decent heroes. I’ve tried all kinds of setups, but I can’t seem to stay in diamond for more than one day. My current defense is: Joon Dom Azlar Kadilen Magni. I’d love some ideas on what defense you would do with my current roster:


Thanks in advance!

Hmm, that’s tricky. Perhaps:

Rigard / Leonides / Azlar / Magni / Kadilen

Azlar is your only “A” tank, and Rigard is your best healer. I’m just building a rainbow team to fill out the rest. (My alliance has found, in wars at least, that rainbow defenses perform the best.)


Maybe try Kadilen / Domitia / Leo / Magni / Azlar.

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I haven’t come across an Azlar tank in a while but I feared him for a long time. I go with: Joon / Kadilen / Azlar / Magni / Domitia, or Rigard / Kadilen / Azlar / Magni / Joon if you want a healer.

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Looks like a very similar roster to my f2p one I had at the start of the year. Try Joon Magni Azlar Kadilen Quintus.

I use to run Joon Isarnia Azlar Lianna Quintus which kept me above 2500 before talents were introduced and I somehow scored Kunchen. I did test with magni but found he didn’t hold as many cups as isarnia for some reason and im not sure the defensive difference lianna vs kadilen will make. Give it a go for a few days and see if there is any difference. Good luck to you

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Thanks everyone! I’m going to try each of these lineups and see if I can stay in diamond longer. Once Onatel is at 80 would you guys use her as the tank instead?

Yes, Onatel will be a much more consistent tank than Azlar.

Azlar is high risk high reward. If opponent color stacks 3+ blues and gets an okay board Azlar will die before even casting his special. So he’s a bad tank in some ways because of that. However if the opponent doesn’t color stack, makes a mistake or has a bad board Azlar’s special may singlehandedly win you the match. So he’s punishing when he goes off but melts like butter too often.

Onatel is much tankier, much more survivable. She’ll on average survive longer than Azlar so it buys you time for your other heroes to make a difference. Her special can be punishing if people don’t play around it well.

Once Onatel is maxed I think a defense of

Joon-Domitia-Onatel-Rigard(or Quintus)-Magni

would be your best bet IMO. Purple flanks go great with a yellow tank. It’s hard to color stack VS that team effectively. I prefer fast or very fast characters on the outside.

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Awesome! But I’m curious… why Magni and not Leonidas?

Magni is fast. I like to have at least two fast high damage single target snipers on my defense. So Joon and Magni are your best options there.

I mean you could right now go

Joon-Domitia-Leo-Rigard-Magni and you may find better success retaining cups with a setup like that

Thanks again, I now feel I have several options to try and some kind of strategy!

Kiril Azlar Kadilen Justice Quintus

All tank except tank defense :sunglasses:

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