Tank decision... Garnet or Ursena?

Which team do you think would be most effective?


I’m leaning toward garnet and onyx but I’d like some more feedback.

Emblems are not a problem

Personally I am leaning towards second build, but not because of Garnet tank, but because you’ll have ninjas for maximum family bonus. That dodges are annoying. Ursena is great tank but I find the synergy between ninjas better. Also your first build lacks a healer. The only problem is the moment when ninjas fire, but on the other hand that makes them also harder to predict for the opponent.


ursena fully emblemes dies still to 3 yellow tiles of a mono yellow team.

Your second team looks much nicer.

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There’re very fast mana yellow heroes. Guardian Jackal, Malosi and Joon makes squid balls of Ursena. Dark tanks has no use in this meta. Go with the ninja’s

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I feel like I saw the second team you present here and it kicked my *** superhard. Garnet is surprisingly decent as a tank, and if you have other ninjas for family bonus, that’s probably one of the most monstrous defense in the game at the moment. Ursena is a song of the past, when you have these.

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The second one, without a doubt.

Ursena is a hard tank, but those three ninjas together with Frigg and Odin are such a big pain in the neck.

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I would say the 2nd one but with my 3-2 blue stack i would attack both and my success or failure would be board dependent. So in the end, it doesn’t matter what you choose, your wins and losses will all be depend on how your opponents board is when they attack you and the 2nd team is less forgiving to a bad board.

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