Should i strip Ursena to emblem Garnet?

I have Ursena +18 and she has served me well all these months but in war that we use green tanks.

What do you think? I took a look in the top defences and i have seen some players using her. Thats ok, they have Frigg to support her. Will Garnet work well despite not having frigg?

This is my current defence. It keeps me around 2500 cups

For war i have to opt for francine at tank position running something like


I will let my roster here to see my options:

Thanks in advance!.

I have been thinking about this since i got Seshat. When i max her (now only 3 tabards) i will make her my new fav purple to place on defence

May not answer your question directly, but someone else on here recently pondered this.

Long story short for me, I think Ursena is too good to strip emblems evenfor a hero like Garnet (who I have at ^20 on my defense team). I love Seshat (also at ^20 on my defense team), but of the three heroes the one I still have the most trouble with is Ursena. Wish I had her.

If you eventually decide to go with Seshat on your defense team, then I guess the decision would be to strip Ursena and give those to Garnet. As much as I love Seshat on the wing, I don’t know if I could convince myself to do that. Good luck however you go!


Thanks for your input Earl.

It could be an option but i will emblem seshat not matter what happens with Ursena. I mean, the only thing that can change if using JF or Garnet depending if i keep the emblems on Ursena or not.

I think Seshat work better in my war defense because im not using Ursena as tank there. Opinions?

Could use something like Seshat-Jean francois or Garnet - Francine- Odin and Vela.

Do you think Garnet is worth of place on defense if no emblems or only few ones?

It’s funny, I didn’t think the ninjas would be any good on defense AT ALL for a while. But my Garnet tank is holding great with team at 2600+ with no issues. And I’m seeing more and more ninja teams up in high diamond. I think Garnet with a bunch of emblems is better than JF with a bunch of emblems. Not sure if I would put her out there with no emblems. Then again you are currently rocking Clarissa on your D team with no emblems and you are solid at 2500+. So who is to say. Maybe try her with as many emblems as you can give her without resetting Ursena and see how it goes.

I’d probably go Francine, Odin, Ursena, Vela, Garnet if you wanted to try that.

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Nah. Ursena, in my opinion, as one of the top notch tank is passe. Players have developed a lot of good yellow heroes to combat her and that several strong holy ones have recently appeared to combat her reflect: Malosi. She easily mostly dies in 3 yellow tiles from a mono yellow team. Besides, because she does not have tanky stats comparable to the current tanks in the meta, she can be effectively attacked by monoteams other than yellow and purple, or by even other attack formation, and her reflect can be dispelled by other faster heroes, i.e. Sonyas and Caedmons.

Garnet however survives better and is good if accompanied by Onyx and Cobalt both at wings. Her status ailment esistance is second to none, far better than Vanda’s and Grazul’s. She doesnt die easily and her ninja family bonus is awesome to witness, even at the attacker’s point of view.


Definitely. I did. I stripped Ursi who was my favourite heroine forever, gave all emblems to Garnet. She’s my new tank.

Why? In my experience Ursena’s days of tank are over. It’s sad, yes. Garnet is incredible though. She fires all the time, first, second charge. If you can’t take her out quickly everyone else gains so much HP it gets harder and harder to kill them.

She also rocks in my red attack stack. Fire her on first charge for a while, then when you feel safe, hang back for second/third charge.

My beloved Ursi has since regained +19 emblems, she’s still invaluable on my offence.

Just super annoying I had to strip Locke to give to those two, and I have Krampus to work on as well!! Sorceres are an awesome class.

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I also stripped urs for garnet, never looked back once.

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