Which tank now?

Hey all,

I have several tanks now in use… But which should I use? Especially in wars, is a healer in the team very usefull, I am absolutely unsure. I have Guin, Kunchen, Ursena and Black Knight.
Ariel could heal in flank, so I need Kunchen anyway? Guin as tank and Ursl and BK in flank?
BK as tank and Ariel an Ursl in flank?
So much possibilities, quite a nice problem to have, I know.
Please help, I need a new input! :smile:

I suggest BK - Guin - Ursena center :slight_smile:
It also depends on your other two heroes tho. Ariel wouldn’t be a good fit for those center 3 heroes.

Btw: Happy birthday!! :tada: :cake:


While I found each of them individually unique as tanks, I will lean as well towards Ursena, since she deals damages and more punishing on bad boards than others, while she takes that role, others like Guin, Kún will sit on the bench but BK can flank her., healer sniper and another AOE can be addition.

So many good options. Off the bat, I probably hate facing Ursena the most. The perfect tank for you will highly depend on all of your maxed 5* heroes.

If those are your only ones, you can great create an annoying to kill team, especially with field aid but likely wont be super effective overall.

Considering the heroes mentioned and that they are all top tier, you are either super lucky (in some ways) or likely have a much bigger compliment of heroes. In which case, things to consider:

  • Avoid emblem sharing. Different classes for defence is ideal.
  • The colour tank your alliance is pushing.
  • Complimenting specials and families (You mentioned Ariel, if you have Poseidon, that can work well with Ursena)
  • A+/A rated flanks and wings
  • Rainbow is most consistent in effectiveness

Taking the above into account will probably help you build the most effective team and therefore choose the best tank for you.

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Thanks a lot to you!

I have other 5 stars too, the usual ones which are in my defense team are Poseidon, Drake, Seshat, Kadilen. And there are the possibilities for Kingston, Tyr (3.70 waiting die only one rings), Victor, Locke, Vela (3.70 soon already).
But most of my usual 5 stars are around 8 to 10 emblems, for Tyr or Kingston I would have to strip Poseidon. So there is only one Heroe per talent which has the emblems…
ITS a great roster, I know. But for now I think there could be a better positioning. Ursena is the Tank now, sehe works great!
In war I need a healer for three rounds, die my usual defense IT IS not necessary.
Big greetings and thanks for your help!

In my honest opinion, you have a great set to choose from, but I would go with Ursena.
Good luck

More than a month later, I did choose Ursena and in defense and offense, it was the right choice! Sie is great! Thank you all!

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