Tank and defence help, PLEASE!

Choices, choices!! I’m struggling to decide on my defence for raid and wars. Typically I like a bit more sustainability in wars to absorb an extra flag or two and typically take two healers and Wilbur. I’m struggling to decide who my go to tank should be (given short supply of ascension items. I have Boril and Kashrek as well but my top 45 heroes are below: what defence would you go with?


What color did you alliance run as tank?


We aren’t coordinating tanks at the moment. Red is generally the choice if we do

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You should empower all of these heroes to their maximum level:

Melendor - Grimm - Boldtusk - Hu Tao - Tiburtus

as 5* projects you could empower Kageburado, Joon, Kadilen, Magni (defensewise) while giving your fighter emblems to Boldtusk prioritizing Defense over Health and Health over Attack. Just do the 5* ones when you already have a good bench of leveled heroes.

Then you could field a team like this:
Kageburado - Kadilen - Boldtusk - Magni - Joon


I presume war defence would be slightly different to raid defence? Dependent on the style of war?

What would you say my strongest defence would be now?

Kiril, Caedmon, Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Grimm

as they are your strongest heroes right now

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