Just want some advice

I’m just wanting any advice as far as putting together a defense team with this grouping as it is now and as it could be in the future. So what are my best options for a right now defense team and who should I be focusing on leveling for future teams. Thanks for the help

Hmm that’s a tough one because you’ve been so fortunate at certain colors and not at all with others.

Kunchen would be the natural choice for tank, with Richard as flank/alternate.

I would include Joon at flank for sure.

Green/Red are pretty dicey. Horghall is the most capable defender you have in green, but not sure I’d recommend ascending him for just defense. I guess go with him if you have excess mats and no one better to use them, otherwise go with maybe Caedmon at wing. Emblemed buddy is strong but has no synergy with Richard and Kunchen.

All of your red 4 star defenders I would consider clash with Kunchen in some way, with Boldtusk maybe being the best option. If possible you could forgo a rainbow defense and use Magni along with Richard, as long as you don’t place them near each other.

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Before Kunchen maxed I’d probably use Richard as a tank flanked by Gormek and Boldtusk with Joon and Hansel on wings.

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