Defense suggestion

Hello everyone,
Any suggestion for my raid+war defense setup, currently I am running Caedmon, Grimm, Boldtusk, Clarissa, Joon(raid) and Melendor C, Grimm, Boldtusk, Clarissa, Joon(war) . I am attaching my hero roaster for better suggestion.

Best to post yah full rosta so people can give advice. Also does your alliance have a percific colour tank for war.

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Hello, that’s all 4/5* heroes I have worked till now and no we don’t have any specific color for war tank. Thanks!

At the given levels, I’d try Proteus-Caed-BoldTusk-Grimm-Joon, in that order from Left to Right. BT is your best bet at tank at the moment. Try to give him more emblems. Joon should be your focus hero to try to max as soon as you can. You have some good heroes so as you max them you can keep swapping them in. Try to give every maxed hero at least one talent node, even if it’s a tiny chance at triggering the talent … it’s still a chance! Good luck!

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Thanks @Circe, I do plan to push Boldtusk emblems and hence don’t feel need for P.i.B currently.
I was doing Caed-Grimm-Boldtusk-Proteus-Joon for long time before bringing Clarissa at flank instead of proteus and my raid defence have done really well unless its raided by TP<+3007400 + points. I will try the order you mentioned and see how well they perform. Thanks again!

Happy to help! The logic for the order is based on the fact that the AI fires defense specials from Left to Right. So you want your buffers to be to the left of your hitters hence BT-Grimm and not Grimm-BT.

Attack buffs don’t affect DoT like Proteus’s poison damage, so putting him on BT’s left doesn’t matter so much.

Caed’s sniper hit will miss the buff, but you need BT to tank. Caed also cleanses, and it’s always good to fire a cleanser before your attackers to get rid of any enemy buffs.

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i would try this, just because the specials of the heroes are sometimes a winning factor:

caedmon - clarrisa - pu$$y - joon - ariel


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Thanks @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS, that’s I never thought about, interesting. I will test it.

So, In last 2 days I haven’t been raided yet, I am sticking with caedmon - clarrisa - pu$$y - joon - ariel.

@Nrjan At your current state, if I were you, I wouldn’t worry much on raid and war defenses by reason that in no way, shape or form would that roster of yours be good enough to establish a solid defense. I suggest you plow through this forum and read. Absorb all the best suggestions and advises on which heroes in your roster to prioritize, level, max, and perhaps emblem. This forum is not bereft of ideas and suggestions as this is a goldmine of possibilities and explorations, and valued information pertaining to gameplay and more.