Talk Some Sense Into Me - Drake or Onatel?

So here’s the deal… I got my 6th set of poison darts a few weeks ago when Shiloh came around, and I’ve had Drake patiently waiting for his turn to go to final ascension. I had him all set to ascend months ago, but opted to max Joon instead, because I had (and still have) a serious lack of fast snipers. I can’t say I regret that choice - the one-two punch of G. Jackal and Joon is incredible - but after seeing how well Drake does on defense, I’ve been questioning if I should have done things differently.

After all this time with Drake at 3^70, he’s set to go again. Great, right? Sure, except I also drew Onatel last month, and I’ve really enjoyed learning to play with her. I love mana controllers/disruptors. I have Hel, Proteus, Hansel, and Gretel all maxed, and Merlin waiting in the wings.

I know Drake is the better all-around hero, but Onatel is so much cooler.

What are your thoughts?

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