Onatel, Inari, or Drake next?

I have Guin, Joon, Poseidon, and Vivica fully ascended. Getting my 6th dart from Shiloh today. Who should I level next? Mainly interested in offense and titans since my defensive team is pretty solid. Any opinions or guidance would be appreciated.

I would have to say Drake based on what you are looking for.

He is great.

Inari will provide the most useful variety to your roster due to her special, but Drake is great and fast. Onatel will hit and steal mana. Hard to decide.

Which clssses are Drake and Onatel? Have none of both. Maybe that’s a criteria for your decision.

Which of them do you use more?

As you uave 2 snipers and 2 support
You can’t go wrong
If you are going to use the next one for stacking on titans, AE, or raids then i would go for inari as she is the most useful other wise go with drake

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Drake. His fast blind helps keep everyone else alive. And he hits 3 hard. He’s probably the best yellow in the game. Maybe Del, but I think Drake.

In a yellow stack, your tiles remove the tank, charge up Drake/Joon/Poseidon- choose the enemy’s strongest side, fire Drake. Then finish each with Pos and Joon. You’re up 5/2 - = win. If for some reason something survives- they still have a 1/3 chance of doing nothing.

I run a similar stack w Jackal in for Poseidon and Inari in for Guin… enemies miss me ALOT.

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