Onatel, Drake Fong or Poseidon?

Wondering which one I should ascend to final tier. I’m trying to build a 5* rainbow defense team, and currently have Magni, Lianna, Hel and Red Hood.

Which of the above would complete this team? Onatel is a great tank, but doesn’t work well with Hel, I think. Poseidon is a great sniper, but I already have Magni and Lianna. Drake Fong is ok, but I’m not really sure what to think of him…

Amy thoughts?

Considering everything you’re saying, I’d probably go Drake. It’s good to have three hits three blind as an added ability instead of all single target snipers. He is a serviceable Tank also

This is a wonderful problem to have, all three are very good heroes. If it was me, I’d probably go Onatel, cause she is hard to use well, and I like solving that kind of puzzle

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Drake is very good on a defensive team. Because he is hits three, its a bit harder for the AI to screw up and the blind is a pain for the attacker. If you are looking defense only, I would go Drake.

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Drake. He’s fast, hits three pretty hard, and blinds. He’s been a cornerstone of my defense team since I maxed him.

Poseidon is a great hitter, and should probably be second in line.

I don’t know why everyone likes Onatel so much. I can only think of one raid where her buff lasted the full 4 turns before I was able to kill her. She’s just not that scary.

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On defense she is very iffy. On offense she is a goddess.


Drake would be better because of the secondary special. I have seen magni as tank and drake, red hood as flank and sniper at the end. they are all great hero, posiedon has atlantis bonus if you have ariel or ursena.

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I can see that, but the OP was specifically saying he thought Onatel was a great tank, which is what I was reacting to.

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I’d go drake out of the 3. Hands down.

I’ll explain why:

Purple only has average and slow cleansers, so that blind is goin to hurt when he fires off on d, not to mention he targets 3, that’s 3 out 5 heros blinded majority of the time(sometimes he targets 2 but doesnt seem common from my experience)

He has well balanced stats, attack and defense both over 700

He has an elemental buff that buffs attack and defense of any yellow heros he’s teamed with which if you do the math per yellow hero on a titan, it adds up. Not to mention it applies to himself and if he’s tankin then the +5% per attack and defense is a definite plus and stacks with the magni defense buff which is you’ll be flankin with i believe

There really aren’t any negatives about drake other than a few nitpicks i think could have been done better.

Solid damage, AoE, fast mana, durable, i hear complaints from people goin against this guy in the tank position on a daily basis. And on offense, that blind can really save your a*s.

He’s good on offense, defense, and titans. Poseidon is a good sniper and very helpful on offense, not great at tank, and doesnt buff for titans or blind for that matter.

Onatel sure good tank and useful on offense, on titans she’s meh, doesnt bring a whole lot to the table in that regard

If you’re early in maxing 5s and wanting to max the most versatile, drake’s your guy


Drake. Especially if you can give him Monk Emblems. Blind is very powerful in alliance wars and wins you about 1/6 or 1/8 fights on its own.

The others are awesome too and if you go that way, you will still be strong. But I run Drake in high diamond and he’s the best ‘hit-three’ in the game, imo.


Thanks all! Those are some great tips. I think we have a clear winner, and I’ll invest in Drake!


Drake is the best yellow, period.
I would have some doubt only with Delilah if you needed a healer, but if we talking about hitters is a no brainer.

He shine everywhere.
I mean it. Everywhere.


I literally can not add anything else that the above havent covered haha but yes drake all the way, he was my first 5* yellow and never left my defense team. Also have onatel maxed but dont have poseidon. Onatel is great on attack to control the game but there is drake in defence is just brutal ! Good luck, you certainly have good options !


I maxed Onatel before Drake and didn’t regret it. I needed a tank and she held well until I maxed Kunchen.

However, after maxing 1 of my Drakes he is great.

I use both Drake and Onatel as flanks to Kunchen on D and hold cups pretty well now. Lianna and Anzogh filling out the wings.


i have Drake maxed, he is great :wink:
I suggest to go for him :wink:


Onatel is for sure one of the best heros in the game. But she requires skill. As the AI obviously lacks skill she performs considerably better on offense than defense.

That’s exactly it. I mostly put her in a team with Hel, and that requires good timing, so that Onatel starts sucking mana after Hel’s mana stop wears off. I can do that on offense, but it’ll be a mess on defense, I guess…

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I have Onatel and drake, I cant take either to 4th tier but am really impressed with them as a combo. Their elemental links stack providing healing, defence and mana rejen!! Add wilbur into the mix and its proving to be devastating! Both are strong at 3/70 and I would guage 4 tier upgrade on requirements. You already have big hitters so Id be tempted to go Onatel. She’ll be my preference

Actually after reading everyone’s posts, always a good idea! Drake is amazing. I have him at 4/60 on other account and he was my first. So I guess my preference is based on Onatel been newish and I’m just starting to get her!! Both have very good stats at 3/70.

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