Drake Fong or Onatel

Which one deserves darts? Which is better. I had similar dilema whom to ascend and choose Joon over Drake.
Now i need one more dart and just start thinking about next yellow 5. Acctualy I dont really feel Onatel. Wonder what rank she’ll get.

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Depends on ur rooster. Drake if u need attacker, onatel if u need utility hero

Got Joon and Jackal as attackers. I would say I’m seeking a defense one.

Defense tank then Onatel

If just defense flank or rear then Drake


Fot defense tank I also have Aegir but dunno if he is better than Onatel

Aegir’s a completely different type of tank.
Depends on your strategy and the rest of the team.
In most cases Aegir is a mess for attackers, but Onatel can also become one, if your team will not charge.

Think Onatel next to Aegir and a dispelling healer (Rigard) on the other side for a great center.
One debuffing sniper (Evelyn, Caedmon) and someone hitting all at the flanks (Colan, Azlar) would be a nice rainbow.

For the attack, Joon is the ultimate warrior.
But the question is Drake or Onatel.
Drake is better than Onatel.
Onatel lies like Aegir as a tank. Their damage is far too small, which causes them. If she does not trigger quickly, she is dead sooner than you think.
That’s why I would always prefer Drake. He is an agonizing spirit in attack and defensive.

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So here’s the deal… I got my 6th set of poison darts a few weeks ago when Shiloh came around, and I’ve had Drake patiently waiting for his turn to go to final ascension. I had him all set to ascend months ago, but opted to max Joon instead, because I had (and still have) a serious lack of fast snipers. I can’t say I regret that choice - the one-two punch of G. Jackal and Joon is incredible - but after seeing how well Drake does on defense, I’ve been questioning if I should have done things differently.

After all this time with Drake at 3^70, he’s set to go again. Great, right? Sure, except I also drew Onatel last month, and I’ve really enjoyed learning to play with her. I love mana controllers/disruptors. I have Hel, Proteus, Hansel, and Gretel all maxed, and Merlin waiting in the wings.

I know Drake is the better all-around hero, but Onatel is so much cooler.

What are your thoughts?


I wouldn’t let Defense be the deciding factor. Drake is good, I use him, but I feel o could (and I’m sure I will) replace him with someone else.

With Joon maxed, I’d go with Onatel. There’s a lot more utility there for her, Joon and Jackal than if you threw in Drake. Elemental healing alone would make her worth it.


Sometimes maybe we just have to pick what it seems to give us more fun and just ignoring stats, skills and opinions :wink:


How do Hel and Onatel special attacks work together? Does Hel special attack prevent Onatel from stealing mana? If not then that sounds like a potentially powerful defense setup.

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I was hoping someone would say something like that. Too true, it is a game, after all.

That’s a good point, I wasn’t even taking the elemental link into account.

Unfortunately, Hel does block Onatel from stealing mana. I could work around that on offense, but I wouldn’t rely on the AI to do it correctly on defense.

Here’s an alternate perspective on Onatel. It’s probably worth reading the subsequent discussion, since there’s some talk about why he was unhappy with Onatel:

My personal thought is you’ll get enjoyment out of either, so…what @Elpis says :slight_smile:


(I’ve merged this into an earluer thread on the same topic.)

If Hel and Onatel are on the same team, they don’t play nicely together. Onatel only steals gained mana, and Hel prevents mana gain. Likewise, heroes that slow mana also slow the mana return to Onatel—Little John, Alasie, Natalya, etc. Also note that Merlin, Hansel, and Gretel do their magic when the target gets full—but Onatel slows when that happens. Of course Onatel only targets three heroes (max), so you can always aim her one way and one of these other heroes on the other side. My alt often raids with Proteus and Hansel, tag-teaming to lock down the foe.

Onatel works great with mana-reducing heroes like Guinevere and Leonidas. They drop the pool of mana while Onatel steals from the mana gained. Brutal.

If you have Onatel facing Hel or Proteus, by design her special still flows mana back to her. While she can’t gain mana from the usual yellow tile drops, Hel’s special does not block her gaining mana leeched from a foe. (Devs have confirmed that this is by design.)


I did that with Mitsuko or Santa. Both were sitting 3-70, I needed a tank, and everyone told me Santa. I ended up going with Mitsuko bc I like mana control heros, and let me tell you. She is now my favorite hero (maxed), and is a BEAST on offense and defense. No regrets.

Ps. I also choose Khiona over Sartana when I only had 6 tabbards.

Choose what makes you happy.


At the risk of going on little off topic, I agree that Mitsuko is a strong tank, but if your alliance is red tanking for war, she is a weak link. In war, you can’t use blue stacks against every red tank. A Mitsuko-based defense invites you to stack red or some non-blue color, freeing up your blues for a differentbteam.


Fair statement. But at the risk of being happy, do you leave your favorite happy hero at 3-70? Be happy. Choose your favorite hero. And you WILL be happy.

ps. just a suggestion not a fact.

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Ah… so I see that Onatel’s design seems to be for countering certain mana control heroes while working well with other mana control heroes. How it should be I suppose, so as to not centralize the game meta.

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