Talents for Grimm: Questions


i just finished easy and medium talent quest and gave Grim my emblems.


The 6 % wound chance applies to the target (1 enemy) or to target and nearby ( 3 enemies)?

As a next step: What do you think is more beneficial for Grimm: Health and defense? or Attack and Helth?

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Wound is for normal attacks, not specials. So it’d be based on tile damage on offense or slash attacks on defense.

Grimm is pretty squishy and already has a fairly high attack, so I personally think he’d benefit from some stat boosts to defense and health.


Health and defense seems to be where he’s lacking compared to tiburtus and gormek

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Can you guess my answer on that? :face_with_monocle:

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I’m actually not sure. :thinking:

Titan usage points to high tile damage being a priority. But if you’re also using Grimm as your defense debuffer, he needs to stay alive…which points to buffing defense and health.

Sturdiness matters more for events too.

But then there’s also this:

Guessing the nuclear bomb will be your suggestion.


20 attacking characters :face_with_monocle:


Ah, I should have quoted that one too. I remembered reading that (and loling) but forgot it was yours. :confounded:


oh, i missed that little word ‘normal’… thanks for pointing this out.

I’m just not sure if i should strenghten the weakness of grimm (defense)
or strenghten the strength (attack). The first option sounds a bit like pushing to
mediocrity the second option sounds a bit like pushing to superiority… but i’m
not sure…

If all else fails, resort to blowing :poop: up :face_with_monocle:


No rush to decide

20 characters

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very true… not sure if i could finish the hard one… with Valen, Azar, Grimm, Hu Tao, Namahage … to geht those 8 emblems… (half of what is needed to make the decision)… i doubt it is doable and the price to try is quite high … sigh…

The explanatory text in this game doesn’t tend to be super clear…

That is the dilemma, for sure. And already in 3 responses you’ve gotten both opinions.

I think it ultimately comes down to play style, and to some degree intended use. Utility heroes supporting other heroes on a team need to stay alive. And the attackers need to hit hard.

Grimm could arguably be either one or both, which makes the decision a bit harder. (Unless you’re @Elpis.)

But like @Rigs said, you don’t have to rush to decide.

And there’s also the benefit that the first choice you make doesn’t preclude switching the build direction to balance differently later.

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There’s no wrong decisions for me.
Sometimes would be better to survive more, sometimes hit harder.
There’s only one place where defence and health doesn’t have any weight: competing in monthly events.

So only heroes that you use in there must be totally offensive without any doubt, and only if you know you can achieve a good rank.

In all other situation, follow the wind of your heart :heart:


That so called defense up wont really help much.

Might as well just go for all out attack! @Elpis

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Some considerations:

ATK is still effective even on a dead hero
ATK get’s multiplied with combos
ATK and DEF got a 20% bonus on defense
DEF decrease the direct damage you suffer
HP is needed to survive, only DEF won’t do the trick


Almost every path include DEF of HP, so going for a straight ATK build will not result in a no-survival build.

I would go full retard with 100% ATK bonus in every build but my healers.


:woozy_face: the wind of my heart is apparently odorous and makes me scrunch my face in regret at some later point. tell me what to do, oh @elpis!! :wink:

Make that Grimm a killer :face_with_monocle:

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I will name all of Grimm’s children after you.


I have decided to level up grimms talents.
Should I emphasize the defense portion, the attacks or follow a balanced approach.
I am thinking the defense as he tends to die.

I vote defense and health.

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