Grimm & Colen Talent Grid

I have Grimm and Colen fully levelled. Any suggestions on best order of Talent Grid levelling for these two Heroes?

Hello @Dr.N, welcome to the forum.

I have both of them emblemed. I mostly went for the attack paths because both of them have very high tile damage (also, because Colen’s burn increases with attack stats). You can see the paths I have taken as reference and how the overall stats improved due to that.

PS: Although I would suggest you stop both at +18, but if you want to give the last two nodes, it’s better to go for the mana node, which I was not aware of when I had emblemed Grimm. It helps him to charge faster with appropriate mana troop.


I have both and went the defence path with each of them. Don’t have any problems with performance on either

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Can you please share the cards of your defense path heroes, so that the OP can compare the two types, attack and defense? :slight_smile:

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+1 on this!

My Grimm is at +15 talents and went attack the whole way.


I noticed Grimm and very often, Colen, without emblems, both usually die before they can fire their specials. Good enough for platinum defense though.
I went attack, health and defense way up to +12. I just want them to last a little longer until both can fire their specials.
Grimm is a 4 * version of Frida. Good synergy in stacking with 5 * pulverizers of similar mana speed.

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Awesome, thanks everyone!

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