Talents for Grimm: Questions

This existing thread may help your decision:

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Thanks. I searched but didn’t find anything

You’re welcome! And @Kerridoc has merged into that thread now, so you’ll have the benefit of the attention of posters from the thread I mentioned, in addition to the existing thoughts shared. :slight_smile:

I would suggest grimm go all out attack! He is a glass cannon and will still do plenty of damage when dead, for titans.
Other wise his name should be changed to Gormek…


As Johnny Mercer wrote:

You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

Unfortunately we can’t both accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, but I think directionaly the advice is sound: tanks get more def/HP, cannons get more attack.


I think one should also consider if said Grimm is to be mainly used in Titan battles or Raids. My alliance is at that difficult 8* to 9* Titan level and most of us havent got 4th tier 5s and maybe only 2 fully ascended 4 of each colour. I am favouring Def/HP for my Grimm at this stage as we are pushing to the 9* stage. I raid around 2000 to 2300 cups and am very happy to stay there.
Its always good to consider context.


@FraVit93 : please can you explain how ATK translates to a bonus on defence? I am trying to understand the mechanics.

I think @FraVit93 was referring to the built-in 20% boost to attack and defense that heroes get on Raid Defense.


Aha! Thank you very much :smile:
I expect builds for different situations will evolve with experience and time. Its a very interesting landscape.

…off to try and get my head around new breakpoints for mana troops …

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What @zephyr1 said :slight_smile:

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Barbarian wound is most useful against titans, Grimm is the most versatile of the Ramming Pulverizer Trio, my Grimm 4*+15 is going all defense & HP to maximum Total Damage Output before death and how many times per battle Grimm can use the insanely over powered defense debuff called Ramming Pulverizer ( defense debuff -10% better than attack buff +10% because defense is non-linear).

My Ranger Tiburtus 4*+15 is also going all defense & HP since penetrating defense buffs is the same net effect as a defense debuff on the enemy. So IMPROVED Ramming Pulverizer.

Since Barbarian Gormek 4*+15 is used mainly against Green Bosses/ Titans, I am going ALL ATTACK ALL THE TIME, since I can swap in Ranger Tiburtus 4*+15 if I need a tankier Ramming Pulverizer.


Hi all, I have a question regarding Grimm’s talent tree. I am currently at level 18 and I want some advice on chosing the 19th node, whether to go for mana or defense. How will the 2% mana boost effect what level troop is required to shave off 1 tile?

This is a useful starting point, and addresses how the mana boost affects required Troops to hit a target number of tiles:

In Grimm’s case, you can shave him from 10 tiles to 9 tiles with his Talent Grid mana boost and a Level 17 Mana Troop, instead of needing a Level 23 Mana Troop.

Personally, I’m stopping at +18 on all Heroes for now. I don’t see the last two nodes as being worth the cost at the moment, and prefer to put those 110 Emblems toward the first nearly 5 nodes on another 4* Hero.


Thank you @zephyr1 for taking time out to answer my question. Ok, so it will basically work like mana bonus + lvl 17 mana troop = lvl 23 mana troop. But you do make a valid point, those last two levels are really expensive and it makes sense to conserve the emblems for now.

Just another side question. So 2x Grimm are the only maxed barbarian I have now. One of them is on talent lvl 18, and the other one has none. So do you suggest that I hoard the emblems waiting for a barbarian to appear, or is it a good idea to put some talents on the 2nd Grimm too? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!

A second Grimm is certainly a worthy recipient of Emblems, so other than waiting for the sake of variety, I think that would be reasonable.

I think you’ll get enough mileage out of that to not justify waiting on another Barbarian.

Personally, I’m planning on Little John as my second Barbarian after Grimm, because I’d like to strengthen him for War and Rush Attack Tournaments. But a second Grimm is a likely candidate for me eventually too.

As a side note: a fun thing about this thread is that it’s old enough and from early enough in the release of Emblems that I don’t agree with my own post at the top of the thread.

I prioritized Attack on Grimm.


Thank you for your kind insights. I do have a LJ but he is sitting at 1.1, I did haven’t started working on him since he has slow mana. But I guess I might level him eventually for tournament and trials. I am F2P, so I have no hopes of pulling special barbarians like GM or Kage. My only 5* choice might be an Azlar if I ever manage to pull him from my TC20. So, maybe I will invest on the 2nd Grimm for now. Thank you once again. :slight_smile:

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Grimm 2x 4*+18

I was actually considering taking a second Grimm to 4*+18 since Barbarian class quests have all red bosses ( use emblems to get more emblems ).

Rumors from Beta about Costumes changed my mind. While I am hoping Costumes do not need emblems, the current rumors suggest they will need emblems. Barbarian Cyprian, or Boril, would be helpful against the Barbarian class quest bosses.

I might still take my Grimm 4* 3.60 to 4* 4.70 after I level Boril to 4* 4.70 .

Little John

I am leveling Little John to at least 4* 4.70 because Proteus is purple. So reflect purple/ eliminate purple make Little John the only group mana control hero.

I was disappointed that both Barbarian class quests are all red Bosses.

I was using Little John for filling ice chests, but got lucky with Kadilen 5* 3.70 .

I also prefer Little John to Skittleskull. But I did level Skittleskull to 4* 3.60 for Sorcerer class quests.

A lot of this game depends on you roster.


Ok, yeah I read the costume thread, so thay sounds interesting. So you mean that we can transform Cyprian and Boril into Barbarians with costumes. I don’t have either of them maxed.

This makes sense… Maybe I will start working on LJ soon. I am currently leveleing Skittle because i don’t have any sorcerers apart from Sabina+14 and Cheshire Cat 3.60.

I hope TC20 gives me Kadilen at some point.

True that. The following is my hero roster.

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