Second Grimm or Sonya?

Great question! I have an almost fully ascended Grimm (4-58) and I love him!!! He is a staple for me great for everything. Raids, titans and challenges, well except the last event :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I pulled a Sonya and another Grimm last month and haven’t begun to level either of them as I also got Perseus at the same time. So I have been building Perseus and will use my ascension items on him. Eventually I will get to her as she is a strong 4 and with Grimm would be great in a reflect nature event.

Who else do you have in your team? Because if you already have Tib or Gormek I would go Sonya first then. I have a Gormek and it’s great the defence shield stacks but the percentage doesn’t double only the number of turns. So I would rather the debuff.

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Choosing between a second Grimm or Sonya, I’d say Sonya. Or you can wait and see if you get lucky with another blue. Kiril is pretty good or you might get a 5*

Who else do you have? Sonya’s debuff skill is great against the ver-growing crop of buff-reliant heroes. The Calming Mist and Piercing Strike specials are very valuable now.

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If you’ve got an ascended Grimm already or if you already have a defense reducer, then go with Sonya.

It’s great to have someone to debuff the enemy—the more the merrier, really. Against Ares, Alberich, Guinevere, the riposters, or pesky defense buffs, a Sonya or Sabina or Caedmon or Melendor can be the difference between living and dying.

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Sonya was my first blue so I levelled her up, then recently completed Grimm. Since you don’t have to choose one or the other my recommendation would be to level Sonya now for raids if that’s your thing. I face so many ■■■■ teams with multiple buffers, etc. that I’ll bring Sonya and Caedmon. I had one team with Ares center flanked by Boldtusk and Boril, with Kiril and Alberich on the posts. So i was glad to have multiple buff strippers.

My 2 cents.

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Already has maxed Kiril, Gormek, Tiburtus, Sabina, Melendor and have a 60 Caedmon that i probably full ascend at some point.

Fact is that i give more importance to titans and events, so ideally Grimm would be better without a doubt.
I usually running Sonya only against Ares, but she can do the job even not maxed and pretty much the final ascension strengthen much more her tank asset.

But she has fast mana and single target huge shot special, so situationally having her in the event would be good.

I see some people running Caedmon this event and do pretty good, and she is rather similar.

If you

  • have Gormek, Tibertus and Grimm maxed
  • have no “great” blue 5*s to spend the capes on
  • have an abundance of capes

Ascens Sonya. For diversity.
Having 2xGrimm is a fun though though :slight_smile:

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Sonya with her fast mana is nice. I prefer the faster when it comes to Titans.

Only if you have Grimm already built: defense debuff is one of the holy trinity of titan scores.

Sonya’s attack stat is seriously low, and her special damage is not great as a result and the dispel doesn’t help on the current generation of titans. I really like Sonya and definitely would ascend her over a second Grimm; however, not for titans unless I had no better (read as higher ATK) blue.

What? I thought ramming pulverizer just overrides itself? Do the turns stack? I never run 2 of the triplets in the same team, but might if this is true.

Back on topic, still miss Grimm myself, but I do have Sonya and she is really nice too, her special is great, especially in raiding.

The title is misleading OP. Should be " 2nd Grimm or Sonia". Lol, jk.:grin:

Yeah, i like too the idea of diversification and the fact that she is already at 60.
I do have some caps to spare, not enough for a 5* soon after. But i have only 4 telescopes, so probably i get what i need circa at the same time.

I hope to get some other good 5* blue (Like Magni) but for now she’ll get in the team.
But you switched another point that i take in consideration. The chance that new generation of titans may have some kind of autobuff (and debuff them would be nice) and the not still well knowing alliance wars.

For now i’m inclined to ascend her.

I want to know about this too. AFAIK, the triplets do stack with the guardians. I don’t have guardians, but I read around forum about it.

General armor debuffs, these override:

  • Tibertus
  • Grimm
  • Gormek
  • Athena
  • Isarnia
  • Valen
  • Ulmer

Elemental armor debuffa, these stack:

  • Jackal
  • Falcon
  • Panther
  • Arthur

So you can have 1xGeneral Armor debuff and 4xElemental buffs active at the same time.


Yes, this is how I thought it works. But the post I quoted, stated that the turns the defense debuff is active add up, this is incorrect, right? It just overrides, so the counter starts again?

Yes, thats incorrect.
Counter and buff both overrides.

Say you fire off Athena and hit with some tiles do the Armor debuff goes to -65% and 3 turns remaining.

Then you fire off Tibertus.

The armor debuff will be -34% and 6 turns.

The same applies to Grimm/Gormek/…


Exactly, you can’t use Gormek+Tiburtus and get 12 turns of defence down. Everytime you shoot one of their special the countdown restart to 6, no matter how many turns remain from the previous time.

So they don’t stuck, but ideally with the right timing you can keep the defence reduction always.


Maybe @Dawnsky means it work like this actually. The wording is not clear…

Yes sorry For my wording I meant defence refills or override not so much stack as it doesn’t stack for 12 turns. So if you have 2 Ramming pulverizers your defence would top back up to 6 turns. Great against Titans and hard bosses because if you fire right the defence shield will stay for the entire battle.


I’ve got my 2nd Grimm to 60 and I enjoy it when both fill at the same time to take out 2 heroes on raids. His high attack is great on Titans so I don’t mind doubling them. That being said, he probably won’t reach 70 like my first. Would rather save the materials for a 5* or have a variety of specials, like Kiril or Sonya to give more choices on teams for what may come in the future.

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