Talento Grid, wrong percentage

I have Clarissa in the absence of the last level of the Talent Grid. This one says that his defense will increase by 4% (28 points), but the reality is that 4% of the 802 would be 32. It is not the first time that I see that a percentage is not correct, but it already seems too much and I think that should be corrected, because if I have chosen all shields, it is because I want the maximum defense, and a predetermined number. Do you also happen to you? Someone have information about this?. Thank you

My understanding is these percentage nodes on the talent tree are based on the hero’s stats WITHOUT emblems. Meaning maximizing a certain path will not have any difference in those specific nodes.


If so, it does not seem fair, because you give the same to who has followed the entire line of shields, and who has not. Thanks for the info

@Dan7 is correct. All increase in attack, defense and health stats when activating a node in a hero’s talent tree is based on the stat of the hero prior to the application of any emblems on the said hero. Truth be told and if you just scan the talent tree, all amount of stat increase on every node can already be seen even prior to embleming the hero. All you need to do is add them up. It’s fair IMHO.


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