Percent Boosting Mechanics Clarification

Hello. I have been trying to figure out how the percentage boosts work in the game. My finding so far is that the talent boosts only take the base hero stat into account. So a 1000 hp Melendor getting the 3% talent will always only get 30 hp.

However troops seem to be added on after the talented stats. Using this information I made a rough calculation to check if Horghall would ever get over 2k and it seems to be the case that he can. I just wanted to post here to get any confirmation if others have found it to be this way. Cheers.


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Yes, that’s my understanding as well.

Here are a couple spots this was discussed:

Yes, that’s correct.

Talent Grid upgrades effectively enhance the base stats for battle. So they interact the same way with troops, other boosts, and even DoT the same way as normal base stats do.