Balthazar Talent Grid

%Health or %Def?
%Healing rate or %Mana recovery?
Screenshots welcome

Also what is the proportion of +ATK / +DEF, +Health? Like half and half?
He will be the first hero I will fill the Talent Grid of (ignoring Layla)
So ideas and screenshots would be appreciated. Thank you

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Or is it not really significant/noticeable what you pick as long as you fill the grid?

Balthazar is a sniper - emblem him in attack all the way and choose mana. You want him killing opponents in one shot. In general, choose the attack path for heroes whose primary role is dealing damage and save the defense / health route for support heroes.

Though I personally wouldn’t take a 3-star hero past 7 emblems. 4-stars are easy enough to pick up, and a fully ascended and emblemed 3-star is still not in the same class as a fully ascended but un-emblemed 4-star.

On the other hand, a fully ascended and emblemed 4-star can compete with a fully ascended and minimally emblemed 5-star.


Thank you.
Can I ask one more thing?
Are the % bonuses on Talent Grids not affected by the non% bonuses?

For example, will the %ATK always give the same amount of ATK no matter how muck attack I did/didn’t pick on the rest of the Talent Grid?

I believe % gains sre based on pre-emblem stats (ie maxed stats unemblemed). So it would not matter what path you choose. I haven’t tested it myself though … just going by what I have read here in the forum.


Thank you. BTW I reseted my Layla. Which one is better to pick you think? Healing Bonus or Defense Bonus? (on the step I screenshotted)

I always choose defense. My rationale is - defense is up all the time (except for the occasional DOT). Meanwhile, healing is situational.

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Thank you again. I appreciate everything

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This is correct.

% based nodes in the emblem tree are based off the percentage PRE-EMBLEMS. (i.e. it is a percentage of the heroes BASE stats)