Talent grid for heros

The talent grid for each hero you get points what happens to those points when you max that talent grid hero out?

I’m sorry. I don’t follow your question. Would you care to reword it or have screenshots?

Each node you pay the emblem and food/iron cost for gives a fixed bonus to either the heroes statistics, or increases their chances of the class talent processing by the stated percentage

If you max a hero out on the talent grid, all of those bonuses and talents are added to your hero during gameplay, permanently, unless and until you reset the emblems

If you reset them does your hero become more powerful

If you reset hero’s talent grid, you will take away all emblems given to them. By this you make them weaker, because they lose all bonuses from their talent grid. When you reset a talent grid you get emblems back to your inventory and you can give them to a different hero.


Heroes become stronger as you progress on the talent grid. You would want to go atk/shield for attack oriented heros and sheild/heart for utility heros. Once you reach 20 that’s it their is no additional bonus for the hero. But the last node has a higher percentage than the rest of the multiplier items. IE instead of +2% (def,atk,health,mana gain) it’s +4%

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