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When giving Boril emblems, what do you emphasize? Since he reflects damage, is it considered attack or defense? Thank you!!!

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Boril’s attack is so weak, I don’t think there’s any point to prioritizing that.

On the Riposte side though… it is my understanding that if you were to increase his Defense, he will take less damage, and this means that his counterattack will hit for less damage.

So if that is accurate (perhaps others can confirm?), your best bet would be to emphasize Health/HP.

I wonder if the best route would be to take Attack+HP wherever possible, and avoid taking +Defense? Interesting…

@Joyful818 - EDIT:
Looking at Cleric talent grid, it looks like at some points you would be stuck taking Defense anyway, so I’d suggest going in this order, with the above concept/theory in mind:

First branch, HP+DEF
Next, HP+ATK
Next, ATK+HP
Next, HP
Next, HP+ATK
Next, DEF+HP

So it looks like you can do it with only taking +Def twice, and prioritize HP otherwise.


@Fizban thank you! Your post reflects my confusion!!!

I am in the process of going full defense with Boril.

It is true that his Counter-attack damage goes down the more defense he has, but that hardly matters imo. What’s more important is that he survives to cast the counter again. With the way Damage Calculation works in this game, having higher defense means you will be able to take many more hits on average.

If you care about the counter-attack damage being stronger, then flank him with a hero that has low defense like Melendor or Scarlett; those are the heroes where the high counter-attacks will come from :slight_smile: Boril’s job is to live.

EDIT: Here is my Boril after focusing on Defense path. 851 Defense and he’s only at 9 nodes! Pretty gross for a 4* imo, he’s very bulky and difficult to take down, and he holds me near diamond.


I agree.

Especially since titans are king and emblems are effectively permanent ( 3+ million iron for 4*+18 )

Counterattack is underrated as offensive skill but it bypasses a lot of your enemies protections. I believe even Red Queen and rumored Black Knight.


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Agree here too.

Health > Defence > Attack for Boril.


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