Is riposte damage affected by Defense?

Is the damage heroes like Boril reflect in any way affected by the defense of the enemy? I’m trying to figure out if Boril has any anti-synergy with Tiburtus.

Also, if a hero like Boril has higher defense, will he reflect less damage than he did with low defense?
Like, if I emblem Boril and give him more defense, will the damage he normally reflects without emblems be reduced?

Is embleming Boril a bad idea since he is the same Class as Rigard?
If you emblem Boril, should you pick Health nodes instead of Defense nodes?

Thank you.

No. The defense has nothing to do with the damage a hero deals.

Yes. The riposte damage is dependent on the incoming damage. When incoming damage is reduced (def up, more def of the hero etc.), the damage that is dealt back is less. Other way round, if your def is lowered by Grimm, Tibs etc., he can deal more damage back.

Might be a good choice. I did that with Cyprian, full health nodes, up to +19 - now he is resetted. But I don’t know if the effect is large enough, he has to be sturdy, too, to survive attacks.
Cyprian is a Paladin, so he has this def up shield as talent nodes, not the best class for riposte :frowning:


What I mean here is that: When you attack something with higher defense, you will deal less damage. If Boril reflects damage to a higher defense opponent, will that reflected damage be also reduced because of the defense?

All i ask is that we stop calling it reflected damage and fix the title

@zephyr1 @littleKAF @Rook @JonahTheBard

Riposte damage and reflect damage are 2 different things…don’t want confusion…


Did it :stuck_out_tongue: I changed the title to riposte instead of reflect.

I haven’t paid attention for a while, but my guess is: yes.


Thank you


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To put it really simply: Does Tiburtus’ skill make Boril’s skill deal more damage?


More damage taken = more damage countered


I meant when Tiburtus and Boril are on the same team. I mean if I have the two on my team at the same time, will Tiburtus’ skill make Boril’s skill deal more damage? But I guess this is also a Yes?

@AngelOfDark666 The answer to this is no.

Riposte counters back the % of damage dealt to the hero with the counter buff. It’s independent of the attackers defense stat.

Damage countered is entirely dependent on how much damage the defender took.

Also no. Tiburtus lowering enemy defense doesn’t increase the damage dealt back with counter-attacks.

^This is correct.

I would not recommend embleming Boril over Rigard.

Boril is a decent blue tank for mid-level alliance wars.

Rigard is one of the best healers in the game at average speed and with a team-wide cleanse. Much more useful in many more situations.

To a point. I wouldn’t ignore defense.

Despite the fact that your countered damage decreases, remember that Boril’s job is to live as long as possible and keep casting Riposte. The more he casts, the longer his team keeps countering back (therefore, more damage countered in the long run).

He won’t live long if his defense is low. At the same time though, eventually he reaches a point where he can have 905 defense + 1293 HP if you follow defense strictly – so it may not be a bad idea to deviate a bit towards HP in a few paths. Deviating a little bit can help Boril live against DoT – which bypasses the counter buff.


The damage an attacking hero will receive depend on its own attack, since he will receive 125% of whatever damage he deals to Boril.

Yes, a Boril with higher defense will receive, and thus reflect, less damage. whatever percentage you increase on his defense will only decrease damage received/countered (have you seen the videos of guys doing high attacks on titans using titan shields? it works the same way).

No, it’s never a bad idea to emblem a good hero.
I would go whatever way that increases life points, getting defense/attack/wahatever comes along.

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Thank you for pointing this out, I wasn’t sure anymore :slight_smile:


Oh, no.

The damage that gets reflected is a % of the damage taken.

So if you take 100 damage, you’ll reflect 125 damage back (from a maxed boril special) regardless of who the enemy is, what their stats are and what buffs are active etc…

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