Richard or Boril

Hello! Need help deciding which hero is better for the attack team.
Boril (3 talents) or Richard (3/70)? One scope missing. After ascending Rich, answer is clear, but till then I have to figure out a favorite and go with it.
Other heroes are Wilbur, Rigard, Jackal and Caedmon. And while we’re at it, what would be the best positions for them. Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Boril - 3 talents
  • Richard - 3/70

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What are their current stats?

The tricky thing is I would say it depends on your playstyle and who else you like to use in attack.

I like using Boril because I plan and time his counterattack for maximum damage. When used correctly I find it can turn around a fight pretty quickly.


My only concern with Boril is him getting shut down by a debuff. Then his special isn’t worth much. He’s not a bad tank but I think Richard would do more consistent damage?

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I see Boril being debuffed as more a defence issue rather than attack. It’s why his counterattack has to be timed correctly. For example, don’t activate Boril’s special when an enemy debuffer is about to be fully charged.

But with those specific characters, Boril’s counterattack could be reduced because of the additional defence provided by Wilbur. Richard may do better, stat dependent, in that team. Your blue attack will depend whether you anticipate relying more on tile damage or special damage.

Positioning for attack teams is arguably less important than positioning for defence teams. With Boril on attack, just make sure he’s in one of the middle three positions because of his special. The enemy AI will randomly attack characters in the lineup, so the tank position (the middle) means less in this scenario.

The other thing is… what purpose does this attack team server? Raid? War? Map? You might be better off colour stacking for better win ratios.

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