Talent Grid Build for Fighter : Defense or HP?

Is it more beneficial to raise Defense or HP? Which one offers you more survivability and robustness as part of defense team? Thank you for input.


Nice question. Waiting for the answer too…

I’m going for Def over HP. My reasoning is the following:
Def has a big impact on your damage received, the exact calculations are on a forum thread here.
The Def increase is usually +18 and the HP increase is usually +36. The way I’m seeing it is that you get more out of def already when you get hit 2 times, and your hero is very likely to get hit more times than that.

The Def is going to be especially effective when you stack it by always choosing Def over HP in the talent tree.


Heroes with weak def like Magni, Elena - def
Heroes with strong def like Yunan(he have very big hp too) - hp
I chose BT for my fighter and I decide gibe him every +attack too make him more usefull on high * titans

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I’m going with BT as well, but going down a path of even defense and health. Since BTs beauty lies in his special of 48% attack for all - which is not changed by the talent - And not his hitting skills, I decided to give him a chance to survive.

Interesting how people look at the same hero differently. We will see a LOT of variations :laughing:

i am going for BT but for more Def+HP , going to let him be another Ares Wannabe

If your hero is strong hitter, use your emblems to boost attack. If your hero is clearly not a a strong hitter but good in defence use your emblems to boost defence.

I have Yunan and i will boost his defence. No point in trying to make his attack better coz i already know that it can’t be made strong enough to make a big difference in battlefields, BUT boosting his defence it will make his already high defence abilities even HIGHER, making him very difficult to kill.


When determining which way to go with your emblems you must consider one thing and that would be: “Is this hero considered good because of his imbalance or because of their balance.” If it is the former, press the imbalance further by building on their strengths. If it is the latter, then keep the balance with them. Just make them stronger in a balanced way.

The emblems give us the opportunity to design the enhanced hero in the manner we choose. If the design is already solid, then keep with what makes them great to begin with.

Considering the hero’s special is also to be considered strongly. If it is their special that makes them great, then they need to survive until that special goes off. We all know what it is like to have a hero live one turn too long and fire their special. If that is the case, then do your best to enhance that possibility.


As a general rule of thumb I typically value defense over HP but each hero is different and each special is also different. Some heroes might get a better boost from going for more HP because their special is based off of HP, Example: Delilah, Boldtusk. While others might benefit more from increasing their defense, Example: Magni.

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For a defense team, +Def is almost assuredly the way to go. The way that color stacking works in combination with the damage equation means that defense is noticeably more valuable for keeping your heroes alive than health is.

On offense, it’s much less cut and dried. For non-healer offensive heroes, +Attack/+Health is generally advantageous. The fact that defenses can’t color stack to boost the strength of individual attacks means that defense and health are much more equal for offensive team members. And health resists DOTs, and is also the stat on which % heals are determined.

Thank you for all the inputs. For my alt account I have given BT the emblems and I guess I will focus on increasing his defense to make him harder to kill.


yeah mostly you should increase their basic role , as BT as tank+healer+buff , you should put Def+Health on him

but there are exception as Jackal , you dont need more ATK on him , Def + Health is preferable.

GP/Magni could be another which need Def+Health.

Eve already balanced in stats , you could go both with ATK and Def

This is the best advice in this thread. Magni, Jackal, etc. are so attack and health heavy to make a minor incremental defense increase is a waste IMO. Keep loading up the cannon and health. Elena? Her low defense is a massive ASSET if she has riposte up. It’s why I don’t like Boril, his counter-punch is lame because of his high defense stat, lol.

Also, consider your healing strategy. Are you using % based healers? If so, don’t discount the health benefits there. Every single raid attack team I use has Rigard. Every single war attack team I use has a % healer (be it a healer or a healer/buffer). So for me, in my play style, the health path makes sense more often than not.

For survivability, Defense improvements are better than Health improvements in almost all cases.

Delilah is my fighter, and she’s a special case. Her minions inherit 16% / 13% of her health / attack which then gets multiplied by 5 since it applies to the minions she summons for everybody, not just her.

Since her defense isn’t multiplied out like that, I’m going to improve defense last for her. For the same reason, I consider a crit troop better for her since it boosts health and mana troops don’t. If I ever get a yellow mana troop to L23 which would shave a tile off her charge time, I might change my mind on that.

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I love this!!! That’s why I’m dreaming of attack heavy versions of Jackal, Grimm, and Scarlett.

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