Will counterattack heroes still be useful?

After the new update will heroes like Boril lose their usefulness? I don’t like counter attacks very much, but sometimes it is complicated to face and in attacks my Cyprian even helps (although I leveled it out just for being my only purple 4 stars at the time). But now that the damage of the response depends on your current lp will they cease to be bothersome in defense (are they not even that uncomfortable since I maximized caedmon and melendor) and attack as well? If they have a low lp, will they not attack almost anything like Elkanen doesn’t heal almost anything by attacking a nearly dead target?

Hmmm. That’s a very good point. It seems like counterattack heroes are being nerfed by this update.

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it has been this way all the time until the previous update. it was apparently a bug


I agree, this isn’t a nerf, it’s a return to the stays quo.

Riposte is debatable on defence but still excellent on trials and events where tough AoE bosses are willing to blow themselves to smithereens.


Boril is still an excellent 4* tank for defence. He severely punishes bad boards, which is all you can ask from your tank. Don’t give them time to turn the boards around.


Are we refering to this?

Because, honestly I don’t understand what actually is changing

Let’s say an opponent has 100 HP and a 125% riposte skill up. You hit them with a special for 600 damage. You will take 125 damage.

For a few days you would have taken 750 damage. This was a reported bug that SGG acknowledge was NOT what they intended and would be fixed in the next update (which it now has).

If you never noticed the bug then from your perspective the answer is that nothing EVER changed. Riposte works now the same way it did before the bug.


I have been playing this game for just over two years. And if there is one thing I’ve learned, it is this:

Every hero has his/her uses, however limited those uses might be.

For example, I think this current tournament is a perfect place for Boril to shine. I have run into countless teams with Boril as tank. And if you do not have a good starting board, he will truly punish you. Same thing can be said about Cyprian.


LOL yes he certainly punished me. All 4 of my losses were to Boril tanks.



If you found counterattack heroes useful before January 14 (I always have, on Offense, not Defense), then they’re just back to their existing level of usefulness from before the bug that made them very slightly more useful in very specific circumstances.

I will say, in my anecdotal experience having faced and used counterattack heroes during the 5 weeks the bug was in place, I saw it make a notable difference only a couple of times.


Thanks A LOT for the practical example. Now everything’s clear.

My guess is that counter-attacking heroes will always be good to have for events and special cases, simply now we may want to keep their health bar as full as possible (at least more than before)


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