Take Emblems from Frida for Clarissa?

I have searched and don’t see this talked about at all. I have Telly +10 Frida +12 and just finished ascending Clarissa.

I am thinking of flanking Telly with Clarissa and don’t use Frida on my D team. Would it be wise to strip Frida of talents and give to both Telly and Clarissa?

Thinking of +15 for Telly and +7 for Clarissa and going switching off giving talents from there.

My current D team is Misandra +9, Grazul +15, Telly +10, Jabberwock +18, switch off between liana +17 and Marjana +16.

Thinking of Misandra-Clarissa-Telly-Grazul-Jabberwock.

It might not be the best D i can make with my rosters but i don’t really care too much about trophy count besides trying to stay in diamond.

We use green tank for war but this d can be used for war too.

Thoughts? Knowing those heroes that i mentioned is there a better D lineup?

I would have 2 very fast flanks, fast wings and average tank. Never tried that type of setup and just want some feedback.

I love Frida and am not sure taking her talents would effect her when i use her. Hence me writing this, she is used for titans, war attack and heavy red d teams and some weekly events.

Decisions and opportunity cost are real in this game lol!

Thanks for any responses in advance, if i get any. Lol

If you don’t use Frida on your defense team, then yeah, I’d give the emblems to Clarissa. I wouldn’t even bother embleming Frida, personally. I use mine only on offense and she is fine without emblems.

Your defense seems fine, maybe Grazul could be replaced if you had a better option.

Are these all of your maxed 5* heroes?


Frida never become a threat on defense, meanwhile clarissa can stand on her own feet.

But if u wanna create good defense, let telly eat all the emblems.

My suggested defense:

Misandra, clarissa, telly, jabberwock, marjana

Or you can switch place between marjana and jabberwock


No i have 18 in total fully leveled 5 stars but think these are the ones best suited for my D.

Thank you for responding

This is the best advise you can get. This is the reason why there is no topic on this matter. If you have both Tellu and Clarissa, and you’re making a tank out of Tellu, the it is wise and proper that you make her more durable than any of your heroes by giving her all emblems you have.

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