What to do.....telluria, Frida, isarnia emblems

Okay so I finally got my last tonic for telluria and I def want her in my starting lineup. Do I take the emblems off Frida and give them all to telluria and upgrade isarnia and drop over 500 emblems in her and put her in my starting lineup and just take Frida out? So many decisions. Also, do I make telluria the tank and put Knight behind her or keep Knight as tank and put her behind Knight?

Telluria gets everything she is the best current tank

Sartana - Black Knight - Telluria - (ice hero) - Joon
is what I suggest you to run. Out of your blue heroes you can use an unemblemed Frida until your Isarnia would be strong enough even if a better choice would be a fast 5* blue hero to replace them.

Don’t have any fast 5s blues. Only Frida Thorne and isarnia

There are too many Telluria tanks. Tank something else!


I think isarnia may be a good choice just because BK will allow her to stand alive the time needed to fire and then the attacker is in trouble.

In the other hand there a good chance that the attacker brings multiples blockers and/or cleanser so the all point of having isarnia would be neutralize.

I suggest you try frida and then isarnia a few days and then decide.

There is a reason for that. She’s a beast

Personally, I would just start to add emblems to Telluria. I just took my Telluria to the final tier and have no intention of taking the emblems off of my Frida to give to her. I’m just going to start adding emblems to my Telluria once she is maxed.

Idk I would rather split them tel it’s a beast. Reason top players have her as tank with emblems.

Perhaps the question is does she really need them? Sure, she is even more formidable at +15 than +5, but even +5 she is very likely to keep you in diamond with any kind of reasonable co-conspirators

So why spend the emblems if you don’t really need to?

The answer is, to me, give her all the emblems if she is your War tank, but otherwise I probably wouldn’t worry about it

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