Paladin dilemma

My Telly is stuck at the 125 emblem node and my Clarissa is 4-80. I a set of Sonya twins that have costumes and emblemed to 20 &18. With the twins configuration and fast, they are as good as 5*'s. After Kiril+20,the twins are my go to blues because of the cleaning/debuffing. If I need a third blue there in Vela+9 or c-Magni.

I see I have two options, 1) sit back and wait fore more emblems for Telly who is the center of my Def team or 2) take the emblems from ONE of the twins and then build her back.

suggestion appreciated

I’d just stand pat with what you have and give the rest of your emblems to telly as you get them.
Sounds like you use both the Sonya’s frequently.

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If Tell is your war tank, then strip the others and take her as high as you can.

Tell+flanks have a bigger impact even if your wings are not as strong, the center three can compensate especially on a bad starting board.

On the other hand, a fully emblemed Telly will not only help you maintain in whatever raid arena you are on (I think you are in Diamond), but also aids your alliance in minimizing one-shot attempts on your war defense. If I were you, I’d rather strip Sonya’s emblems and place them to Telly since you need her to be tougher in wars and in raids, with the subsequent acquisition of paladin emblems placed on your stripped Sonya to build her back as it is far easier accumulating 30, 15 and 40 emblems for her than accumulating 65, 50 and 125 emblems for your Telly. But that’s just my 2 cents.

In my honest opinion, I would strip one of your Sonya twins and max out Telluria.
After that I would start putting emblems on Clarissa.
Whatever you choose to do good luck