Reorganize my defense

How would you organize a defense with these options? Not many options but still.

I also have BT and Rigard at +18 if that matters.

I’ve used my emblems exclusively on 4* but I’m going to shift over to 5* now. People tend to give their emblems to their defense so I’m curious to see what y’all think my best lineup is.

I’ve been in diamond for a long time so no need to worry about that.

Alberich - Frida - Elena - Seshat - Joon

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My choice Alberich Zimkitha Frida Seshat Joon :slight_smile:


This is very close to my current lineup except I have Zim instead of elena (she’s still 10 levels from max) . Why did you pick elena? Were you assuming she would be emblemed?

Very close to my current lineup except I have Zim and Frida switched. I think Zim is best suited for flank but I also think she’s my best available tank. Maybe I could give Frida a shot tho

They have very similar stats, but since Frida is a paladin I would go with her :slight_smile: also like you said Zimkitha shines in a flank position :slight_smile:

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Yeah that makes sense once we start to include emblems. Frida is going to get them but I’m choosing Alby over Zim.

Even though you will go with offensive amblems for Frida, she will still get a paladins buff :slight_smile:

Yes, and in this case Alberich would also get the druid emblems.

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Albi - Zim - Frida - Seshat - Joon


Totally agree. Imo is the best defense one can do with those heroes.


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