Should I take away the emblems from Sonya and give it to Frida

I need opinion. I drew Frida but all the emblems O already gave to Sonya. Is it wise to take it from Sonya and give it to Frida or should I wait to gather emblems? Thank you.

I don’t pretend to be an expert but as a players who has shifted emblems around, if it were me I’d keep on them Sonya. Bringing up the skills of a 4 star to my mind is a better option than the lowly bump up that a 5 star would get.

I have both Sonya and Frieda and my Sonya is keeping hers.

Please wait to decide until you hear from more experienced players than me though … this is just my opinion!

All the depends on what you need/want. I’ve emblemed my main defence of 5* and the rest used on 4*. I have Wilbur,Buddy,Proteus,Gladerius,Gretel all around 8 tiers of emblems…and I’ll tell you they sure kick ■■■■ in wars and Titans. Now Cage,Delila,Frida at tier 3 is good…but when you need 50-65 a tier it’s slower. So, I figure emblem some fives and if you don’t have a five star of a certain class ( or realistically months away from being leveled…use those classes on fav 4*) . 3-5 months from now reassesss and reset to your 5* when it’ll make a difference. I honestly figure it’ll take 6 months before you’ll see 5* with 7-8 tiers of emblems in raiding and wars…you got time.

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Thank you for your input

Are you able to max Frida?

If yes, do you use her for defense or offense or both?

If only for offense, she does not need the emblems. Good to have but also unnecessary.

If for defense, give it to Frida.

How many emblems do you have? You may not need to reset Sonya at the moment but stop giving her any extras. Resetting emblems would cause you to lose 5% of it. The more emblems you put to Sonya the more you lose when you reset her.

Working on maxing Frida. She is my first and only 5* blue. Sonya is on 6 tier emblems. Frida is on tier 4 feeding her to max.

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Yes you should.
You probably end using Frida every time you can.

Sonya is a good war hero, but gonna fall behind Frida soon enough.

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Thank you for your advice

I agree with the statements of eventually draining Sonya of hers, but I would hope you have a reset emblem to handle it.

A good thought process to have is “give emblems to the heroes you use most” Because otherwise they’re wasted.

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I agree about moving the emblems from Sonya eventually—because she is not a rock-star 4*. @Texas1970 mentioned several 4* that, with emblems, outperform most 5*; if she were on that list, I’d keep her talents.

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