Tactics for Titan Management


I would love to hear how other teams manage their energy for titan fights!

Do you always go all in and just hope for the best? Do you just hit every third titan so you never overstretch yourself? Are members allowed to hit freely or only a certain number of times so that the titan lasts long enough for everyone to knock it around a little?


We are pretty much use a free for all strategy. Hit as much as you want when you want. We have tried various other options in the past, but getting compliance from everyone is always a bit challenging.


At the moment we find 6* a bit much for us, so our strategy goes like this: (a) 4-5* = free for all. (b) 6* = kill to at least 51% to guarantee our players some goodies.

Darn you 6*s! We’ll get you someday!!! :grin:


We hit and hit until killed on every titan, we destroy 6*, have some difficulty on7* but for the most part take them down as long as we get full participation, we have had 1 8* we got him down to under 100,000 before he fled. Only time we have real problems is when they come with in a hour apart.


Our titan strategy has been 2 hits for the first 5 hours and then kill it. The delay at the beginning helps draw the fight out enough that everyone should have a shot at it. Also, at the 12 hour mark we’ll take a look at the health left on the titan. If we don’t think we’ll get it we’ll pass on the titan after that and rest up for the next one. :slight_smile:


The alliance I’m in we just give it our all when we have it.



Hi fellow players. I am trying to understand the mechanics of Titan damage to our heroes. I understand that the damage we do to the TItan is overwhelmingly tile based, and heroes are used for buffs and debuffs mainly.
For the damage we receive, I understand the special attack of the Titan, its pretty obvious. But for the background damage every turrn, I am trying to understand the value of items - is there a hidden “virtual tile board” which is causing the background damage every turn? Is this based on the TItan’s stats? (Of course the devs wont tell us exacty, but a rough idea would help me) And is this damage affected from the beginning of the battle by arrow and axe attacks? And for instance does Berden’s attack reduce this non-Special attack damage? (Scaled of course with the difference between TItan level and players level)


When you say “background” Titan damage, do you mean “Titan damage every turn except when titan’s Special is employed”?

If so, then yes, various factors can affect that damage, including:

  • Turtle banners
  • Arrows
  • Heroes’ specials that reduce attack and increase defense etc


Thank you Rook. That is exactly what I was wanting to confirm. Very grateful for your advice.


We hit in a free for all until the halfway point. At that time, if it is below half, we keep hitting. If still above half, either I or one of my co-leaders will call Elsa (Let It Go), so we have flags for the next one. We try to save flasks for rare titans