About giving up some titan fights for a non hardcore alliance

I recently became the leader of a very active but casual, laid-back and not very disciplined alliance focusing on the fun in playing. We recently lost a few strong players due to different circumstances and we now have problems bringing down 7* titans but have no problem with the 6* ones. (New players are coming though.)
My predecessor and we who were co-leaders used to call off titan fights when half the time had passed if we were not close to half the titan’s health but some of our heavy hitters might not yet have begun at halftime due to sleeping or working. Furthermore, not everybody saw the call and continued to hit the titan.
I’m beginning to question whether this is worth the huzzle with an alliance as ours or if it’s just causing confusion since we also have rules about having to hit titans if we can and if this is just holding people back from playing.
If we fail on a titan the next one will be an easier one we can handle, if we give up on a titan, the next one is an easier one we can handle even easier because more energy fromthe start.
Sure, the faster we kill the next one, the more energy we would, in theory, have for the third one but by then the results from the first titan will be pretty diluted in all the other factors like our sleep and work schedule.
I think giving up on some titans might be awesome for hardcore alliance but perhaps not for us.
Any thoughts because I’m still new to this?

It’s probably the most stressful part of the game for leadership, in my opinion.

If you let the players fight and then call off the titan they get upset at wasted battle items.

We’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of our titans and have finally gathered enough data that the calls have become so much easier to make.

We have a good idea now, in advance of spawning, what HP the next one will be. The leader/co-leader discuss on discord what the likely scenario will be, ie 10 star, rare or 11 star, etc. We decide in advance whether we are going to call it kill/escape.

We pretty much try for every rare (unless a 12 star, in our case).

We may end up letting one escape that we MIGHT have had a chance at but the players have started to trust our judgement because it’s based on facts.

We are the only ones who know which players are on holidays, travelling for work etc.

With each titan we explain:

10 star w low/high HP or 11 star: escape - too many players will be absent, etc.

There are only a few HP numbers within each star category. The highest we’ve had for a 10 star is 3.168 and the 11s start at 3.386.

Someone may have a spreadsheet showing these already!


I think half way can be too early if you have heavy hitters is left


Here’s a trick we use, but it will require training. We change our banner when the titan is called. All coleaders have ability to call a titan. Sometimes it’s halfway, sometimes further down the line. We change the color to red. I also change the icon to the dopey tree looking guy who is scratching his head as a punishment for missing the titan.

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Thank you for all your advice. I ended up using a pretty hands off approach. When it would be absolutely ridiculous to think we could get a titan down I just inform the alliance that I will save my energy for the next one :slight_smile:
I might change that later if we progress far.

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