A reasoned approach to Titans

Ok, I strongly suggest taking a reasoned, tactical approach to titans. Here is what I mean:

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Assuming there are 30 members in the Alliance: Take the total titan health and divide by 30. This gives you your target to achieve or your “share” of the damage that needs to be done in order to kill the titan. In this case it is: 4,378,000/30 = 145,933. So about 146k would be your target damage over your 6 swings.

Keep in mind you must adjust this number according to the total titan health. I would have used a picture of a smaller titan for the example, but both of my Accounts are in Alliances that see nothing but 12* titans.

That being said, I usually do my first 2-3 titan swings using only bear banners/turtle banners, Arrows and axes/bombs. Whatever I happen to have laying around. If I am on track to make my goal damage, I continue to go basically unboosted. If I fall behind for whatever reason, I start boosting with mana pots, time stops, tornadoes or any combination thereof.

If I fall short of my goal after my 6 swings, I examine how much damage the Alliance is doing to the titan and determine if the titan will go down without my having reached my “share” of the damage. In other words, is an alliance mate’s good board luck making up for my bad board luck? If so, I leave things alone. If not, I use a flask or an additional swing leaving myself one short for the next titan to make up the difference on this one.

I generally exceed my goal on every titan. This is an important strategy for a reason. This is a game of resource management. If you use your resources wisely, you’ll be able to do more within the game to make permanent improvements to your account.

If you are not spending ham/iron on items to take down titans by stretching yourself thin, you can use those resources to advance your keep, train heroes, train troops or grow more heroes in your TC. As long as you are doing your part for the Alliance, you are good.Trust me, it is much better in the long run for the Alliance if you make your Account stronger by making permanent improvements than it is to have the top score on a titan every time.

There will always be another titan right after the one you just killed or happened to let escape. Whatever improvements you make to your keep will be there forever.


Compliment very very good

Definitely agree with resource management and not getting addicted to high level items.

Too many threads about not being able to craft enough tornadoes…

This would work well for teams of a fairly homogeneous level, but if there’s a big discrepancy in team power or bench depth between 1st and 30th it’s much harder to set a target.


The target is set by your mathematically determined “Share” of the titan damage. Reasonably, some alliance members will almost always exceed that number and some will consistently fall short while they are striving to become stronger. If someone is consistently falling too far short of their “Share” of the titan damage, then they shouldn’t start using items and flasks to make up the difference. What they ought to do is find an alliance more suited to their power level or move to a lower training alliance with the same alliance family until they are stronger.

In this way they can use the in game resources to make permanent improvements to their accounts instead of spending them on items to boost their titan hits while slowing down any real progress in strength as they watch other players pull away from them in power as they languish.

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Another tactic that I would suggest is to scale the “shares” according to the strength of the members in the alliance. A good deal more work is required for this because you should attempt to estimate a reasonable average amount of damage to expect on a given titan. Most really active alliances track data, so this should not be too difficult. You can set “goal” damages for individual members as a guide if there is a great disparity in strengths between members and you really just want to keep the current group together.

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Ok, I’ve run across a lot of people from smaller alliances who state that they are confused as to when it is appropriate to let a titan go or when to push to kill it. When I was in Heathens of Sparta/Spara Agoge a long time ago, I came up with a mathematical way to determine liklihood of taking down a titan along with break points on when to let a titan go or when to push to kill. Obviously this is highly dependent upon the activity/Participation of the Alliance members involved.

When I have some time, I’ll post here the process I used to help us not only determine the best times to push or allow to a titan to flee. Also, the method we used to instill good habits in our Alliance members to get hits in early in order to take down serial Titans.

This method will become even more valuable and useful when 13/14* titans return

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