Tabbards & Depth

So, I will have my sixth tabbard shortly and am wondering who I should invest it on. I really am only looking to add depth to my Dark roster. Current options for the tabbards are:

  • Chakkosrot (3/70)
  • Bera (3/70)
  • Zulag (3/70)
  • Aeron (3/70)
  • Khiona (3/70)
  • Malicna
  • Domitia (Costume)
  • Quintus
  • Sartana (Costume)

Currently, I have the following maxed:

  • Jabberwock *20
  • Seshat *20
  • Dr. Moreau *14
  • Clarissa *10
  • Onyx *2
  • Hel *10
  • Obakan *7

I am leaning towards Khiona as I need a 5* Rogue as I currently don’t have one. All of my Rogues are 4*'s. Or I was thinking about either Chakkoszrot since I have Druid medallions or Bera (just have other heroes competing with her for Monk emblems [Elizabeth, Santa, Skadi].

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Happy Holidays!


Bera you fool! BERA!!!




twenty characters…

@Yomagn-tho, clearly a vote for Bera. I just want to make sure that whoever I give the tabbards to are able to help in the near term and can be a true weapon. My current tanks are:

  • Garnet
  • Bertila
  • Skadi
  • Telluria
  • Santa
  • Raffaele

The answer is Bera. You will notice she does not mesh with Jabber or Clarissa, but is phenomenal in every part of the game except titans. I had the same issue in regards to my monks and emblems, but I’m now at +20 for Liz, Bera, and Skadi (all LB too). Jabber +C sadly sits with no emblems, but will eventually see some.

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No question it’s bera. Helpful on offense or defense

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