Have to ask. Who gets the Tabbards

I’m Level 50. Still just up and coming. These are my top Hero’s.

The choice is between Killhare and Bera.

Bera better for defense but I have Santa and Telly. Should I do her anyway. Killhare is a beast on attack. What says you who know the game better than I

In a vacuum, I vote for Bera.

But what emblems do you have for both of them? Do you use purple tanks for war?

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Killhare is awesome. I have never regretted leveling her after she was released. She’s almost always in my defense and is always in my purple attack team.

Bera is great also and I doubt you’d be upset with her either. She’s highly annoying to face in raids and war.

I guess the real question is how many emblems do you have for either one? If you’re loaded with fighter or monk emblems then I’d use that as the tie breaker.
I was loaded with Druid emblems and short on Monk emblems. So I went Freya over Bera. It’s worked out fine. :+1:t2:

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If you think she is a beast on offense, then you haven’t faced her yet fully emblemed on defense that much yet. That class of hers, Fighter, is oh-so-annoying when she revives more times than anticipated. That and her murderous nature, this purple rabbit (the only one I am missing from her portal) ain’t a slouch as she can be used both on offense and defense very effectively and efficiently.

Bera, while I just recently recognize her potency, suffers from many anti-minion counters, and I am afraid that more are to come in the future game updates. Some players even intentionally let them cast several minions multiple times only to find most, if not all, of them gone. As of now, I ignore her when she is defending, prioritizing killing the most threatening of her allies on defense.

I will add that, sheer power matters aside, I prioritize heroes that are fun to play.
Defense oriented heroes aren’t that fun to play because… we don’t play defense, duh!
Add to that I personally dislike the minion meta and you will immediately realize I’m for the bunny.
Soooo much more satisfying :massage_woman:t3:

[But truth be told, both are great heroes]

Offense…always offenseeeeeee

My vote for the rabbit

Bera - simples. rabbit def down is painful but she is awesome nonetheless.

I was just faced with same dilemma but with Dr. Moreau in the mix. I gave the tabards to Bera after. We run purple tanks so that made the decision much easier. Bera is amazing though and I use her every where. Don’t regret my decision at all.

Emblems wise I would be better with Killhare. I will need to reset a 4* to get the emblems for her. Bera is a monk which overlaps both Santa and Joon. We do not use purple tanks in war. Moving toward blue tanks as we have a few members who has Krampus

I see. It sounds like the emblems definitely settle it in favour of Killhare. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Emblems certainly put Killhare over the top. She is wicked good.

Killhare I fear…if she goes off I am in big trouble. Bera? Meh. She’s a good hero, but wins by delaying the match and biting me with nibbles cconstantly. Killhare easily for me.

Thanks all. The Wabbit is the choice. That’s where I had been leaning and planning and then last Valhalla I randomly get Bera and I so I came here for help. You were swift and decisive and for that I am grateful

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