One tabbard away who ascends next?

I’m one more tabbard away from ascending my next purple 5*. Already have Seshat and Hel maxed.

I have Ursena, Khiona, Kageburado, Jabberwock and Marie-Therese at 3/70.

I could also get Sartana, Quintus, Domitia or Obakan there if those are better choices.

The rest of my maxed 5*s are Guinevere, Joon and Poseidon (yellows). Mitsuko, Grazul and Marjana (reds). Alberich and Lianna (greens). And Magni and King Arthur (blues)

My main defense is Alberich, Magni, Guinevere, Mitsuko and Seshat. On offensive raids, I put Marjana in for Mitsuko if the enemies blue is a healer or defensive and leave Mitsuko in if the blue is a hitter. I also have a lot of options based on the opponent as well as war teams and titans.

My alliance is on 10* and 11* titans.

I have the most barbarian emblems. The only emblems I don’t have many of are Druid, Ranger and Wizard. Alberich has the Druid emblems. Guinevere has most of the wizard emblems and Hel has the rest. Seshat has most of the ranger emblems and Lianna has the rest.

I was sure I would go with Kage next, but I’m seeing a lot of Ursena’s on top teams recently. I obviously wouldn’t run Ursena and Mitsuko together because only the most recently fired hero’s reflect would be active.

I have also been having fun with Jabberwock’s strong special. Very useful.

Khiona hasn’t blown me away, but can be very useful.

Marie-Therese could be very strong and helpful with reviving heroes, but Alberich covers that for the most part for me.

I also like the idea of running two darks together because I have some strong ones and Seshat’s element link would help.


I would go with Ursena, because I think it is important to have at least one tank of each colour… and Ursena is a very good dark tank in my opinion.

My alliance is only at 5-6 with a rare 7 but my defense team is around 4100 and I run 2500 cups. I looked at your 4, the only one that is most disrupting is Jabber. It fast and has the most conventional attack and if I rememberer is leave behind posion that may not be distillable. Also its frequency in likely very rare

I suffer from a similar dilemma since I have Seshat, Sartana, Khiona @4-80 but i just go my sixth. I have Domitia 4-69 and another Khiona 4-67 with Seshat and Thoth-Amun @ 1-1. I trying figure out which way to go with funny dresses

I wouldn’t call Jabberwock’s attack conventional because it attacks the outermost heroes in the enemy formation and will double attack if one enemy is left. And yes, it leaves poison behind. It’s been very fun testing out whilst filling monster chest.

I also have duplicates Seshats but I have too many others to ascend before I do that

any suggests on y dilemma. level one of the two close, hit the deep bench or wait?

Since you have a lot of Barbarian emblems then Kageburado would be a good option. A very fast sniper is very nice, especially since he dispels before attacking, so any kind of buff doesn’t hinder his attack. :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a good tank, Ursena is the best.


Ursena is too good to pass up on. Either as tank or flank to Guin.

Kage is good but you already have a dispeller in Seshat.

Alby Magni Guin Ursena Marj can be your def team. Put in Lianna if you want more offense.

Now I just got Grimble. He definitely won’t be my next purple to max out. Still stuck between Ursena and Kageburado.

But as it seems a lot of the new heroes coming soon will have minions, he will probably be next in the queue. He could be the Delilah killer.

Kage is a great barbarian option, but Ursena really is a boss, and plenty of alliances are running purple tanks nowadays. I’ve read that Grimble is an okay purple tank, but he wouldn’t frighten me like Ursena tanks. She good on yellow titans too!

Ursena is scary killer, she’ll help u much with AOE.

For purple sniper u’ve already got seshat, and it’s enough, kage can wait next batch

I already went with Kageburado. But I’m 2 tabbards away from my next purple. I’m pretty set on Ursena this time although Jabberwock is tempting me a bit. May be the most powerful hitter in the game.

But I’m gonna stick with my guns and go with Ursena first, but Jabberwock is next in the queue.

I’ve done Kage and love him. If I’d had Ursena it would’ve been a tougher decision.

Next up is Panther regardless of whether I get Ursena before the last tabard I think.

Isn’t Panther just a purple version of Evelyn? I already have Evelyn. Plus I have way too many purple 5*s waiting for tabbards. I’ve had insane luck with my pulls. If I had the materials for all of them, I would never lose a raid or war battle.

Basically, yes - hit 3, elemental def drop against dark on those 3, then dispel on those 3.

Evelyn is great, Panther is great… Both massively boost your colour stacks and the more firepower you have in the right colour, the more they increase the potency of your stack.

If you’ve already got Hel, Seshat and Kage maxed then Panther would be the runaway winner to do next if you had her IMHO… There’s no purple I’d ascend before her if I had your dark bench, and no purple that’d even make me think twice about it.

Ursena is pretty sick as a tank!!!

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