Summons: should I wait for May?

I did likely 100 summons and still no Malosi (but I do not chase him, but Lady Wool).

Should I do 10 costume summons today or wait for May, because:

  1. I have all 3*, almost all 4* (no skittels and do not want her), and no 5* costumes.
  2. Want Joon, Vivica and Lianna, other 5* costumes just spice on cake.
  3. See Clarissa nerfed.

Clarissa is still decent after being adjusted.

So what do you want more, shot at malosi and the costumes you want?
A shot at clarissa and those Atlantis heroes (GM being featured) ?

There is still S3 coming up, and probably an event next month

I have 40 keys, so only 2 my pulls be for gems.

I have 1600 Atlantis coins, so, decent chance for someone good (Wilbur, Proteus, GM, Clarissa).

IMHO Clarissa >> Malosi. Even after nerf, she is still poisonous GM, so I would chase her. That being said, new costumes are coming and will be likely out in May (as new patches are rolled out on monthly basis, usually towards the end of the month) which has double effect:

  • Positive: You have shot at getting something new for 3* and 4*
  • Negative: Dilutes pool of 5* you want, unless they are featured (but then again Magni, Sartana are still desired).

I would wait. Of course option number three is to pull in Valhalla (what I will do if Alfrike will be featured) or Atlantis (GM should be there, but so will be Atomos…). But from pure HoTM view, waiting for Clarissa is better.

Maybe use your keys today since they are all single pull, keep your gems for atlantis. Next month there might have new costumes heroes so that means less chances for joon vivi and lianna.

I will pull there, but I do not chase 5*, as c2p I just increase chances. And I see costumes portal as best now.

Maybe I will got 8 Tyrums, as my GF(((


Now that’s always a risk, hope you pull at least a 5*, whatever choice you make

Thank you, really want Lianna and Vivica. In x10 which I did in February I got 3 Rigards, Melendor, BT and JF.

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In that case maybe you should wait with Valhalla to May as well, since there are new 3* and 4* coming (though not sure if they will be out in May).

For Valhalla I will certainly wait.

Save keys for may, atlantis coins for july, gems for teltoc june.

None of the hotms in the foreseeable future are worth pulling.

IMO, waiting for May gives you more Valhalla heroes to choose from, Gravemaker (if you don’t have him) from Atlantis and Clarissa as HotM.

Lots of good reasons to wait til May, the biggest of which is Clarissa. I’ll be holding on pulling until May when she pops up.

but Clarissa is nerfed, should I save costume keys? Atlantis and Challenge coins already saved)

I did my pulls (had 5) with basically the same situation as you (hoping for Malosi) and got an Elena costume. Not sure how I feel about her. I did get Lady Woolerton on a lucky token though. I say wait for new costumes to appear, which is probably next month.

New ones will make my chances for Lianna or Vivica smaller, which is not good. And I guess than they will not be featured anymore.

I’m dying for a Lianna, but the chances are so small that it really doesn’t matter. I have a Lianna at +19 waiting for the costume boost.

Clarissa’s a clone of Gravemaker, she just does less DoT.

Did 10 summons now, got Quintus and duplicates. Good summon, but maybe better.

IMO, you already have all keys heroes (Rigard, Sonya, Boldtusk, Melendor).
And IMO, Clarissa is still great even after a little balance.

Costume wait for next edition.
And Malosi can be in Valhalla tomorrow with your valhalla coins.

So save pull for May.

EDIUT: woops too late, you already did it… okay congrats for 5* costume @rilian :+1:

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